Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy new year. Let love be the resolution of the year

Man has lost Harmony and thereby the bliss. In the name of competition, we harvested enmities. One nation against other, one religion against other, one caste against other, man against woman, rich against poor, only hatred is growing. Love is missing. Our energies have turned sour, bitter and poisonous. It is disconnected from love , becomes destructive and used in destructive weapons, Terrorism and Wars. There seems no stop for it. Only love energy can be the survival for humanity's future. Our survival is at stake. We are inching closer every day to a universal suicide, ‘the atom bomb explosion’. We need an antidote in the form of love explosion to save this existence. Love is the only hope. Only love can save us. They say, We All are, seasons And this life is One Super-Sized season. Let us season here with love, bringing all the spice into life. Let love be our New Year resolution. Let our all decision be based on Love. Happy new year

Monday, December 28, 2009

Small is the way of the great to express

Gita says,

He manifests for us
those hundred thousand shapes
that clothe his Mystery;
He shows us all his semblances,
infinite, rich, divine,
His changeful hues,
His countless forms.

Everything in the existence is great, the small exists not. All is interlinked, part of infinity. Even the smallest particle is part of the whole. The particle cannot exist without the whole and vice versa. Small is the way of the great to express itself. They went for searching atom and landed in atomic energy. Small only appears small, it is an appearance. It contains the great. We cannot find the great directly. Whenever we search for great, we will find the small. The small is the way of the great to express itself. We cannot see the ocean, only waves are seen. The ocean has to be inferred. Man, woman, tree, bird, a drop of water all are the small parts, of ‘the great’, called krshna, these are just forms, when penetrated deeply, they become doors to the infinite, 'Krshna’

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas; happy divine day

Boundaries are self-created; All divisions are false. It is not really there. They are just thoughts. We can make the infinite sky into finite by saying the sky on our continent is our sky, Indian sky, Pakistan sky. The sky can never be limited and never be a Indian sky, a Chinese sky. It is an undivided expanse. It begins nowhere, it ends nowhere. It is Just the same with mind also. The mind is part of the infinite. The “my” in the mind is false. When this “ my” is removed from the mind, the finite disappears. The mind becomes infinite. Finiteness is just a conception, an illusion. And because of our conception we are confined in it. Whatsoever we think we become. Thinking makes us whatsoever we are. If we are finite, it is just a standpoint that we have taken. If “my” in the mind is dropped, mind becomes boundary-less; it becomes egoless and we become infinite. With egoless mind, we and the whole become one, Krshna decends, Jesus decends. Merry Christmas. Happy divine day

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happiness, love and krshna are consequences

The most valuable things in life such as Happiness, Krshna, Celebration, cannot be directly sought & searched for. They are all consequences; not goals. We cannot desire them. Desire them and we will miss them. Desire becomes great barriers. People who start searching for the happiness directly remain miserable for the whole of their lives. Happiness is consequence. A painter, when paints; he does not search for happiness, he paints; he is fully absorbed with his paintings; suddenly happiness comes as a consequence. Painter disappears, happiness comes. It happens. It happens to the dancer. It happens to the singers, it happens to anybody who is capable of totally absorbed in his activities, and capable of totally losing himself in the activity. Happiness always comes when we are absolutely unaware of it. And it is not only so about happiness, It is so with love. It is so with krshna. They are all consequences, not goals. Krshna happen whenever we are lost, absorbed, drunk with our activities. Whatsoever it may be. If we really totally absorbed in it, we will feel the great joy arising in us, great meditativeness happens. That is krshna, the sum total of love, beauty, celebration, meditation, prayer, gratitude. Krshna is the apex, the peak of it all. He happens as a consequence.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

There is no higher truth than love

Love is the Milky Way. It walks on earth but it doesn't belong to us, it belongs to the sky. And it is starry; all else is darkness except love. Only love has light in it, only love is luminous. When we are in love there is light and life: when love disappears there is darkness, utter darkness. Hell is the space where love does not exist; heaven is the space where only love exists and nothing else. These are the names of spaces within our being. Love opens doors to the whole Milky Way. Love is the bridge between earth and heaven, between man and Krshna. This is what depicted in and associated with all the leelas of Krishna.
This is what krshna emphasis. Let love be our law; there is no higher truth. If a man can love, then nothing else is needed; that will transform. We become Krshna

Monday, November 30, 2009

become like morning breeze, you are with krshna

Man has to become like the early morning breeze, the breeze, just before the sun rise, which is known for its freshness, aliveness and purity. Man has to be that fresh, that alive and that pure. Only through that freshness and aliveness God be contacted. Krshna the source of all life is contacted. It is not accident, all religions have chosen early morning as prayer time, the time to receive God. We become very dusty & go on gathering dust. Our very being is polluted. Pollution is not in atmosphere, it is in our being. When our being is polluted, we start polluting nature. When a man feels utterly hellish inside, he starts creating hell outside. Only corpses move around. No aliveness, no freshness, no sensitivity. In-spite of all we go on asking 'Where god is ? And all the quality in which krshna can be reflected is missing. The whole science of religion should be towards one goal: how to purify the inner being of man, how to drop the past, the burden, the dead, the dull, how to make man more sensitive The deeper the sensitivity, the deeper we penetrate existence. And God is the very core of existence. Unless we penetrate our own core there is no possibility of contacting the source of all life: the Krshna.”

Saturday, November 21, 2009

man is the potention and much has to be actualised

Man is the only creature on the whole of existence, who is dual. Other creatures are not dual: they are what they are, A cow is a cow, a dog is a dog, a rose is a rose, a tree is a tree and a peacock is a peacock. With man there is something special. Man is not what he is he can be more. Man is the only being in existence, the only evolving being in existence. Man is a potential and much has to to be actualised in him. Man is a seed, the seed of Krishna. When man Blooms, Krishna manifests. That's why the enlightened souls are called ‘Bhagwan’; It simply means that their seed has disappeared in the soil of existence, and they have come to their ultimate blossoming. Godliness has bloomed in them. The fragrance of divineness has been released.

Move to origin krshna loves you

Radha is the most beloved woman of Krishna. Krshna had many lovers; Radha is the suprememost. Historically there has never been any woman by the name of Radha, and in the ancient scriptures, including the original scripture of bhagwad, her name is not mentioned at all. It is an invention of later mystics, later sages, and it has tremendous significance. When a river moves from the original source towards the ocean, it is called DHARA, and if the same river moves reversely towards the origin and not towards the ocean, then it is called RADHA, the reverse of DHARA. Radha means the river moving towards the origin, not towards the ocean. Radha is a metaphor, implies that one can be a beloved of krshna, and krshna will madly in love with, if one turns the whole process of life, become a RADHA from being a DHARA, not moving towards the goal but going deeper and deeper down towards the source. And the source is within, the goal is with-out.

the state of infinite contentment is krshna

When someone say 'Now, there is no more to go, there is no more future needed, I am utterly contented' –then the space he attained is called Krshna .He is said have arrived krshna. Only Krshna satisfies absolutely or that which absolutely satisfies is Krshna. All that one need is a search for infinite contentment. Whenever we have arrived at that state of infinite contentment we will know what Krshna is what utter contentment is. In that moment all turmoil disappears. The mind desires no more, the mind thinks no more. It dreams no more. It repents no more. There are no longer any expectations, hence no frustrations. One is simply there with no movement towards past or future. All has stopped, the world has stopped. That stopping of the world or that stopping of the mind is Krshna. Mathura Nivasis, his cowherds, and the Gopis experienced the same. It is one of the most beautiful experiences.

only love has light

Love is the Milky Way. It walks on earth but it doesn't belong to us, it belongs to the sky. And it is starry; all else is darkness except love. Only love has light in it, only love is luminous. When we are in love there is light and life: when love disappears there is darkness, utter darkness. Hell is the space where love does not exist; heaven is the space where only love exists and nothing else. These are the names of spaces within our being. Love opens doors to the whole Milky Way. Love is the bridge between earth and heaven, between man and Krshna. This is what depicted in and associated with all the leelas of Krishna. This is what krshna emphasis. Let love be our law; there is no higher truth. If a man can love, then nothing else is needed; that will transform. We become Krshna.

Love is the only hope

We are living in a society where everyone seems in running race, Ambition, Competition, winning at all cost are mantras. Everyone is possessed with greed, ego, obsessed with money, power, and status. Love is missing and society lives a loveless life. A society that lives without LOVE lives through Beliefs and Beliefs divide people, and all divisions BREED WAR. All our societies, its cultures and the religions talk about love, but live a very loveless life. The structure that societies have created is basically against love and augment hatred. The society is geared for war. We have come now to the peak of this ugly structure of hatred. We have come to the point where either man is to change totally or will have to die. LOVE is the only hope and Krshna the god of Love is the only hope of the world. Let the new society be born with new heart, with new soul and with the flavor of love and Let the love be the poetry the song of the heart. Let us dance in tune with krshna and spread love……...sivavasanta

in love no one is atheist

In life, love is alone the truth, the most fundamental truth. Except for love, everything else like of God, heaven, reincarnation etc., is philosophy. Except for love, everything else has to be believed in; no previous experience and no previous encounter of it. No believer has ever attained God. Love is something that can be experienced, shared & felt. We need not believe in it, need not follow any religion for it. One can even be an atheist and yet can love. And the beauty is in love no one is atheist, it is impossible to love and not to become aware of God. It is said: “In love we cannot miss krshna. Where love is, krshna is there for sure. If love is there, Krshna comes just hidden behind it, and comes so silently that we don't hear even his footsteps. We become aware only when he possessed us already. One goes into love and comes out with Krshna. What appears to be love in the beginning turns ultimately to be the very existence of Krshna”.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Life is felt only in love. Only love makes one aware of life and the beauty in it. Love is the light in which life becomes known & the beauty in us is enhanced. Love serves as a mirror to reflect life. When there is no love, life is not reflected, only being is seen. They say in sun we stand in darkness alone, it is very dark. No light of it. We will not know that there is any light from the sun which is going and filling the whole universe with its light. The same is with earth; we cannot find light reflected here. We cannot know its illumination. But when people go to the moon they see the earth so luminous, as luminous as the moon. Light needs to be reflected, for to be seen. And our consciousness is the highest quality of light, the subtlest light and it can be reflected only in love. And a life lived with consciousness is divine. That is what Krishna’s life Says, Become love and your life is beautified. That is why he is so beautiful; everything related with him is so beautiful. He is beauty personified.

what we are the same comes to us

What we are the same comes to us.

Whatever we are, the same comes to us. If we are blissful, we become even more blissful. If we can laugh, more dimensions will be added to our laughter. If we can dance, more and more rhythm will come to our dance. If we can sing, the whole sky will sing with us, the mountain ranges will sing with us, the moon and stars will sing with us. And if we start crying, and start feeling disturbed, then disturbance will move towards us from all directions. We attract the same as what we are. This is the absolute law of life. Whatever we are, the same comes to us. That is why a happy man goes on becoming more happy. A peaceful man goes on becoming more peaceful. A disturbed person goes on becoming more disturbed, a miserable person goes on becoming more miserable. Become krshna and say it with flute and dance, gladden and fill the hearts with melody, dance, happiness, and bliss

Sunday, September 20, 2009

become a expectant, things will happen

Nothing happens accidentally, nothing at all. Everything is possible. All things are happening, Krshna is happening, millions of things are possible, but only one thing will happen to us for which we were ready, seeking, waiting, praying. Only that for which we are looking intensely, we will be able to see; otherwise things are happening regularly and will come and go, but we will not become aware of them. When we are looking for something we become focused on it and in we focusing it happens; it cannot happen otherwise. Hence we need to become expectants to receive and things will happen. The very Krshna will happen. Become a expectant, as a women in expectant, fully involved with heart, mind, and body, waiting to receive. The total is to be involved, the all is to be involved: mind, heart, body. And the more one is expectant, the more is possible, because we get only that for which we wait.

The problem with our generation is that we are not waiting for anything, we expect but not become expectant, expectation is a mind product, hence nothing happens, nothing ever happens. Not that things are not happening but we are not waiting, and without waiting we are not able to receive, because without waiting we never open our doors for things to enter. Without waiting, the guest will not come because we have not even invited him. So when Krshna does not happen people think otherwise. Krshna has been happening down the ages; This century has become very very stubborn, closed, unexpectant, non-searching, non-exploring. And when we don't invite, nothing is going to happen. So Let us be receptive, be available, open and the krshna will happen.

with krshna we cannot fail

We are all having the reflection of krshna’s beauty, his radiant his blissfulness in us, and if we can find the Krshna in us there is nothing more in this whole existence to find. We know krshna is functioning through us. When we open our eyes, it is Krshna opening his eyes. When we close our eyes, it is krshna who is closing his eyes. There is no activity that we can do it on our own or there is no activity that krshna shall allow us to on our own. Neither we go away from krshna nor krshna leave away from us. We have to understand this truth. We are not the doer; it is all krshna who does through us. We don’t have to do anything; whatever we are doing is being done by Krshna. We are walking, it is Krshna walking, we are sleeping, it is krshna resting; we are speaking, it is krshna speaking; you are silent, it is krshna who is silent. We have to understand this and simply relax and throw away the responsibilities, krshna cannot fail, dissolve the mind, throw away it created worries and miseries. May be , initially mind may not accept this truth, use simple meditation technique, watch the breathing, be a witness and Relax. Our success and failures are of Krishna’s. If we are successful, then the krshna in us is successful and with krshna we cannot fail as the whole responsibility is on Krishna. Hence let us Live the life like krshna - alive, radiant, blissful, a song unto oneself. Our whole life becomes a prayer without any words, or better to say a prayerfulness, a grace, a beauty like of krshna which does not belong to this world.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Be one with Krshna, Death disappears and You taste the nectar of eternal.

The whole existence is one family; and all the forms in the existence exist through some specific relationship. They are inter related. The whole exists in each forms and in each form there exist the whole. And Krshna here is, the whole, we are within the Krshna, the whole and the whole, krshna resides within us. This is what we call non duality. This is what the absolute truth is : That we are not separate from Krshna and Krshna is there in each one of us. However the logical mind of man has created the concept of separation and there raised the concept of birth and death simultaneously. Death is inevitable when we are separate from the whole. And when we are one with this vast oneness, the death perishes. This is what the mystics say that surrender is deathlessness. Surrender we, become one with the whole, one with krshna. The moment ego disappears, death disappears.

The existence is Krshna and Krshna here means that phenomenon in which we are living, in which we are breathing and breathe, in whose existence is included our existence. When we are part of the whole, then there can be no such thing as death for us, because it is only persons who disappear; the whole remains forever. The existence was there when we were not there, and it will be there when we are no more. -- If we are separate, then our birth takes place and our death takes place, because in separateness both has to be born and both has to die also. But if we are not separate, then we were before our birth; only our forms may have been different. We will remain after our death; our form can be any but there is no way to perish. If we are one with the whole, the krshna then life is eternal, with no beginnings and no ends, from infinity to infinity. The fear disappears, and then arises celebration in life. How can fearful hearts dance with krshna?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We bloom when krshna is with us

God is not something that is available ready-made; it is our potential. We can actualize it, but we go on missing it. Man is like a seed: the seed has the potential to become the tree, but only the potential. It is not yet the tree; it can miss also. And millions of people go on missing. They are born as seeds, they live as seeds, they die as seeds; they never bloom, they never become self-actualized people.
Man blooms only when he is in contact with Krshna (the god of gods); in the presence of Krshna. The remembrance of Krshna functions almost like the sun rising in the morning. When the sun raises buds start opening on their own accord. Just the presence of the sun is enough and something starts happening in the hearts of the buds.
We carry all the treasures within but we never search our treasures within; it remains there waiting for us. We go on becoming Bankrupt because our all searches are in the outside world; we have not reached our Heart. And the krshna is waiting there. He is our innermost core, he is our life. Krshna happens when we know who we are. Krshna is there, only when heart is there. Modern man has by and by lost all track of his own heart. For us, heart has become only a physical thing, a pumping station for blood and purification. The true heart which is hidden behind the physical heart is fully ignored. We have still not descended from the head.
We have not come out of the flat life, the horizontal process of mundane life. Activate the heart, and Empower it. We can feel changing dimension from the horizontal to the vertical, we can move to the heights and the depths. We carry within us heights of the Himalayas and depths of the Pacific. And when one has known all the possible heights and all the possible depths, then only one does know what a treasure life has been. Once that divineness is tasted then many unwanted things disappear on their own accord. Like the sculptor chiseling out the unwanted portion of rock and suddenly there appears krshna in it.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Approach the life with relaxedness

We are all the reflection of krshna, and can also rightly be called the shadow of krshna. We are all joined to Krishna as the shadow, is to body. There is no way we can go away from krshna or the shadow leaving away from the body. The shadow has to simply follow the body. We have to understand this fact that we are having no option other than to fallow krshna. Once we understand this truth, life becomes very easy and blissful. Then we will know the fact that we are not the doer, it is all krshna who does through us, our success and failures are of Krishna’s. If we are successful, then the krshna in us is successful and with krshna we cannot fail as the whole responsibility is on Krishna.

Hence let the Krishna’s in us be the doers and let us dis own the responsibility, let us all become the witnesses and observers start living the life in a relaxed manner.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Accepts all contradictions, you attain totality

In Krshna, the mahayogi, meets all contradictions

Krishna is like a vast ocean on whose endless shore many great intellects and great lovers of krshna have made their own pools and started projecting and depicting it as krshna. The immensity of krshna is such that these pools don't even cover a small fraction of the ocean called Krishna. We may have some idea of the ocean; however cannot know the ocean from these pools. There is only one way to have the whole of Krishna, and that is to understand him choicelessly by dropping our choices and preferences for these pools. Understanding the whole-oceanic krshna is a blissful journey.

And the beauty is; in the process we will be integrated and made whole. In the very process of understanding the whole krshna, we will begin to be whole and holy. By dropping our choices and preferences, and understanding Krishna in his totality, we will find, by and by, our inner contradictions and conflicts have diminished and disappeared, the concept of life and its fragments have come together into an integrated whole. We will attain to what is called yoga or unity. In us will happen the union of yin and yang, the dancing of radha and krshna, the meeting of logic and illogic. For Krishna, yoga has only one meaning; to be united, to be integrated, and to be whole. That is why Krishna is called the mahayogi, one who has attained to the highest yoga, the totality by accepting the opposites together.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Live a life of krshna

Life should be lived with richness and with many colours, like the life of krshna. Normally we are obsessed with one part of life and overlook other aspects. We never try to know all the aspects, all the faces of life and Live in all the possible ways. We never enjoy the richness of life, and never witness the rainbow of life. We are obsessed with one part of life; we have only one colour to our life. Even that is not very intense, even that is very faint, only lukewarm. That's why all the misery. Misery is simply an indication that the man has not lived his life as he should have: with intensity, with passion, with authenticity, with sincerity through music, through poetry, through dance, through song, through work, through meditation, through love, through play.

One should not become attached to one colour, to one aspect of life. One should remain flexible, available to all the possibilities. One should keep all the doors open. We should not be afraid of unknowns, the non-familiars. Fear cripples many, paralyses many, so we only open a small door of our life, afraid that if we open all the doors we may not be able to manage. We should not be afraid of committing errors. Maybe so many things will start happening and we will not be in control. There is no need for us to be in control. Open all the doors, all the windows. Let the sun and the moon, the wind and the rains come. Let krshna come in as many ways as he wants: through music, through poetry, through dance, through song, through work, through meditation, through love, through play. Let all the doors be open and let the life receive all the colours, and all the richness and let us allow krshna come to us from all the openings.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

the krshna in us

Observe the dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna, "So long as you believe you can kill someone, you are not a man with a soul, you are not a religious man. So long as you think that one dies, you don't know that which is within us, that which has never died and will never die. If you think you can kill someone you are under a great illusion, you are betraying your ignorance. The concept of killing and dying is materialistic; only a materialist can believe so. There is no dying, no death for one who really knows."

Nothing in this existence perishes, nor does anything new come into being. Only Forms and appearances changes, The Atma remain the same, the deepest mysteries of life remain ever the same. The Wave form of Every creature comes and goes; and the oceanic form of atma- the soul, remains eternal. Waves in the ocean rise and disappear, but the soul that which is hidden in the individual, in the form of ocean is remains there eternal. This world is filled with full of these forms, wave forms and oceanic form. You and me, including the supreme krshna is subject to these forms.

Krishna's physical form, his voice, his music are like the waves. His soul, hidden inside the body is like the ocean. Waves come and go, but the ocean is everlasting. While the forms of existence change, the soul, the spirit which abides in its élan vital is eternal. The Atma was there even when the Krishna in wave form was not born and the same Atma is there when the krshna in wave form is not here. It was there before our birth and it will be there even after our death also. Krishna is like a wave that arose from the oceanic form, appeared in Mathura, enchanted yashodha, loved radha, danced with gopis, delivered geeta, orchestrated gurushetra and become one with the same ocean.

If we look at our selves , we can also identify the existence of this two levels -- one at the level of waves and another at the level of the ocean. As waves we are individual human beings, and as the ocean we are also the supreme being or krshna.

All of us are also Krishna, but there is one difference. When Krishna is dancing as a wave he is aware that he belongs to the ocean, he is the ocean itself. But as far as we are concerned we know ourselves only as waves; we do not have the awareness of our oceanic. we forget that we are also the ocean. This is the difference between us and Krishna. And since we know ourselves only as waves, we fail to understand the oceanic form of Krishna.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Let us House Krshna

Whoever says, "I believe in Krishna," they are saying they have not been able to know Krishna. They are not strong enough to say it that way. They are not strong enough to see their own ignorance and accept it. What is the need of believing in krshna if we know him? Borrowed Knowledge never becomes belief. Knowledge remains knowledge. Ignorance tries to become belief. Belief arises out of ignorance. Because we don't know, we substitute our borrowed knowledge with belief. We hide your ignorance behind the belief. Whenever we believe, it is just to hide our ignorance..Let us try to feel and know krshna. Let us not believe in Krshna; because any relationship of belief is a wrong relationship. Let us know Him. And we can know him only through dissolving our egos, and for that total surrendering is required. The moment our ego disappears, Krshna appears. The absence of our Ego makes way for his presence. We can dissolve our egos only through surrendering and creating enough space in us. Only when we are spacious enough to contain Him, when we are no more there occupying inner space, he comes and occupies.

Let us also remember that we will never meet Krshna in person. We cannot, because the meeting will mean we are also real and Krshna is also real -- then there will be two realities which is against the truth. If we human being are real then krshna cannot be real. If krshna is real then we cannot be real. Then WHO IS krshna? Krishna is not a person. Krshna is the totality, the sum total of the whole existence. Krshna is not somebody: Krshna is 'allness'. You are krshna, we are krshna -- everybody is Krshna, all is Krshna. The Existence is krshna. Life itself is krshna. Krshna is the existence; He is impersonal 'beingness'. He is the truth.

Friday, June 5, 2009

man has lost his heart and thereby the connection with god

Man is born in God, he breathes in God, he lives in god and in one day he dissolves into him. MAN IS GOD, and is absolutely unaware of fact. God surrounds him everywhere in every action , within and from outside. In every walk Man moves with and moves in God,
God is not a person: God is the presence that is overflowing everywhere in all directions. The beauty of existence, the splendour, the majestic, the miraculous, the mysterious, the music of the earth, the dance of the wind, the singing of the birds, the fragrance of the flowers, the flowing of river, the whole magic of life is God. God has to be lived. God need not necessarily be worshipped: And to live with him and to live in him we need not go anywhere we are already in him. To live with God we need not cultivate any specific character. God is already there in our heart. He is our consciousness.
To live God we need not to follow any specific religion , we are already in it, he is already in us. THIS very moment God is showering on us. It is not a question of the future. We are closed. We stopped working from heart, our sensitivity died, mind started working overtime. God comes in many forms, we don't receive him. He knocks on our doors many a time, we don't listen to him. And he has been knocking for ages. He has been calling for ages, either we don't hear, or, even if sometimes we hear, we don't respond.
Man is very strange, the strangest creature on the earth. no other creature lives in such anguish -- even trees are far more blissful, even rocks have more of the heart than man. They are in tune with God, or in tune with totality. man has lost the connection.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

To be in thought is to be human; to be below thought is to be animal; to be beyond thought is to be divine.

Logic raises questions; it goes on raising. That is the nature of our logical mind. And if we go on following those logical questions, we can go on ad infinitum. Let us for a change put aside our mind -- its logic, its reasoning and for few moments try to be without thought. And if we, even for a single moment, can achieve that state of non-thought or thoughtlessness, we will come to realize that the part is equal to the whole, because suddenly we will see all the boundaries have disappeared. All the divisions have disappeared. Because all Boundaries are self-created; They are just thoughts. That's why, whenever there is no thought in the mind, the concept of "I" or "you" will not be there. A thoughtless mind is egoless; a thoughtless mind is boundary-less,. This thoughtless mind is the infinite. Even for a single moment, if there is no thought, we are the infinite -- we are one with infinite, because without thought there can be no boundary; without thought the concept of "I or you" disappear and the divine descends and we and the whole have become one. To be in thought is to be human; to be below thought is to be animal; to be beyond thought is to be divine.
That is what Ishavasya Upanishads says, "you can take out the whole from the whole, and still the whole remains behind. You can put the whole into the whole, and still the whole remains the whole." Let us become the whole and be divine.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Let us celebrate the AKSHAY TRITIYA with full of richness.

Life means abundance, full of richness, richness in every possible dimension. This existence is filled with millions of plants, millions of trees, millions of stars, million of flowers, their fragrance, and their colors. And these flowers, these stars are ever expanding. Just as a flower opens up and the petals start going away from the center, the universe is continuously flowering, blossoming, opening -- and with a tremendous speed. We human beings who take birth here don't know what life is for. We have never lived our life. Though we have been born; we have not learned to be alive. We are vegetating and thinking we are living. And dieing, without ever having lived at all. These are the miracles that go on happening all around the world; people who have never lived, die -- such an impossibility! But it happens every day. And many have recognized it at the moment of death, and have said it is so.

The man who knows nothing of the great world of music is poor; he is missing one of the greatest luxuries of life. The man who does not know how to enjoy great art works of world does not know anything about the colors. Millions of people never raise their eyes towards the sky and enjoy a sunrise, a sunset and the splendor of it. We go on missing the a sunrise, a sunset, never recognizing a sunrise, never stopping for a moment to look at a sunset and all the colors that the sunset leaves behind in the sky. We don't know what colors it has taken there -- what shape, what beauty, what kind of beings have evolved there -- but one thing is certain, that existence is overflowing. With everything it is luxurious. It is not a poor existence. Poverty is man made and it is man's creation.

Living can only mean one thing: living life multidimensionally with full of richness-- the music, the dance, the poetry, the painting, the sculpture with full of creativity and full of heart. It is all richness of life. Let us not be a worshipper of poverty; this existence is full of richness, it is luxurious, abundantly luxurious. Where one flower will do, millions of flowers blossom.

Let us resolve on this Akshay Tritiya day to live tremendously, ecstatically, in every possible way. On the physical level, on the mental level, on the spiritual level, live to the uttermost of your possibility. And let the sun and the moon in us be filled with utmost energy.

Friday, April 17, 2009

to find our lord is simple, it is a miracle we go on missing him

We go on missing our krshna because we go on looking far away. We are searching krshna with all those means and methods which are good for searching distance things, hence they are taking us away from krshna, hence we go on missing. A telescope is good to see things which are far away, but if we start looking for things through the telescope which are not far away, which are very close by, we will miss them.. and krshna is the closest to us! Even to look at him with open eyes is to miss him, because open eyes too look far away. Even an inch away is far away. if we observe that is in deep prayer or in deep meditation, we automatically close our eyes. thru closed eyes we come closure to our being, hence Krshna can be seen only with closed eyes: he is so close by --even open eyes will take us far away from him. He is just in the heart beat. This is the open secret: don't look far away, don't go after the distant, search in the close-by, look within! And krshna has always been there -- it is a miracle that we miss him! To find krshna is the simplest thing --to miss him is really a miracle. It is simply incredible how we go on missing him, because we live in him, we are born in him, we breathe in him, we die in him. hence let us change our approach, let us approach krshna with closed eyes, looking within, krshna ensures his presence there in, in us

Let us dissolve our head and grow with our heart and godliness.

The heart, it is called as the divine cave, and somewhere behind the lungs the cave is hidden where our life energy, the sensitivity, the creativity and our gods live together. As we and krshna are not two separate entities. we are the seed and god and godliness is the blossoming of it; Hence a sincere effort to be made to find where that cave is and how to enter into it. However the materialistic have gone very far away from their hearts. They are more with their head. The head is the farthest point from the heart. the distance between the head and the heart is not in few inches as it looks , but it is in infinite They are poles apart. The heart is on one corner of existence and the head is on another corner of existence. A doubting mind, remains in the head, is hung up there, and suffers tremendously because life never opens its doors for doubt. Doubt itself is the block. The moment you doubt, you are closed -- so the mind is a closed phenomenon; the heart is an opening. When you trust, you open up-- when trust is full then the opening is total. Few moments of trust become great glimpses into divinity. It takes us to godliness and krshna and thus enable us to merge with him hence let us grow with heart and enjoy the growing moments with godliness.

mind puts cover on our sensitivity and takes us away from godiliness.

It is just as if our hands are in a glove and we shake hands: something goes on covering our sensitivity. we have an umbrella and it protects us from rain, but it also obstructs the rain from reaching us .We never allow sun rays or rain to reach us and touch us, some time it is good, not to use the umbrella and just go into the rains and to feel the raining or take the sun bath.The more sensitive we become to things, the more aware we will become that god is present everywhere. In the same proportion of sensitivity that we have, we will feel the presence of god. The less sensitivity we have, the less we will feel god; if we have no sensitivity, we will not feel god at all. If we are not finding god or godliness in our time, it is not because god is not present among us but because man's sensitivity is dead. We cannot touch, we cannot taste, we cannot smell; Our mind and calculated move covering our being. if we start uncovering our being -- and by uncovering our being we will be able to discover god and the godliness

We are god in ourselves and have the potentiality to create our own world of happiness

Life consists of pleasure and pain, happiness and unhappiness. It depends on us what we choose. Someone Loves beauty, flute, dance and rose flowers, for him the thorns on the rosebush disappears. His Eyes attuned to the beauty and its fragrance and they don't take notice of the thorns. But if someone sees only thorns he will miss the flower and its beauty. For him thorns become the fact of life and happiness of flowers disappear. For a lover of beauty, thorns remain unnoticed and become illusory and flowers become the beauty and the truth. It depends on man, what he chooses; he is free to choose. He is god to him self to create his one world happiness or otherwise.Man is free to choose, and this freedom affirms he is god to him self. He with proper awareness can choose anything. Life will be pure suffering for one who makes suffering as his choice. We become that, which we choose to become. In fact, we see what we want to see; we find what we want to find; we receive what we ask for. So if we seek suffering we are going to have it, without fail. The irony is that if someone opts for suffering he does not suffer alone, he makes many others suffer with him. It is impossible that an unhappy man can make another man happy. We can share with others only that which we have, not what we don't have. Since suffering has become his life's breath, wherever he goes he will carry the germs of suffering with himAnd the person who decides to be happy is going to bless the whole to be happy, he is going to add to the song and music of life all over this planet. He receives the world full of happiness, with full of confidence. His relaxed states permit him to contribute and give more to the society in which he lives. He accepts all the duality of life in much relaxed manner. Therefore a happy person is a godly person, a religious person.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mind forces us to live in deep illusion

Mind forces us to live in a deep illusion -: the illusion of hope, illusion of good future, illusion of good tomorrow. Now we have been lead to such a situation where in it affairs that the Mankind cannot exist without self-deceptions.
The concept of mind has to be understood deeply. This mind which wants to de activate the heart needs lies, needs illusions, It cannot exist with the real, it needs dreams. We are dreaming Even while awake, we are dreaming continuously. Continuously, the mind is creating dreams, images, fantasies.

Day, night, mind goes on moving from no-dream to dream, then from dream to no-dream again. This is an inner rhythm. Not only that we continuously dream, in life also we project hopes into the future. Thus the mind ignored the present and made the present almost a hell. we are hoping every time that something is going to happen in tomorrow and our wishes and dreams are going to be fulfilled -- some doors of fortunes, some doors of paradise will open tomorrow. And we in the hands of the mind continuously illusioned we never fail to understand the paradise and the treasure which never opened today, and will not open on tomorrows. However the mind goes on moving in tomorrows. The mind goes on moving ahead of us: we are not one with the real, that which is nearby, that which is here and now, we are somewhere else -- moving ahead, jumping ahead.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

God is very close and closure to our heart

God is in the heart. He is one with his existence. God is his existence IT SELF. He is Indivisible from his creations.

God can be seen only with closed eyes: he is so close by -- even open eyes will take us far away. He is just in the heart beat. This is the secret: don't look far away, don't go after the distant, search in the close-by, look within! And god has always been there -- it is a miracle that we miss him! To find god is a simple thing -- to miss him is a miracle. To find god is very easy -- to miss him is a very complex phenomenon. It is simply incredible how we go on missing him, because we live in him, we are born in him, we breathe in him, we die in him.

The Calculative mind created god and forced us to neglect the heart by searching god outside

There is so much talk about God : there are any number of scriptures in the world, millions of people are praying and singing hymns in temples and other holy places, but in spite of it all it does not seem that we have moved any closure towards God or that we really make any attempt to feel him or see him, hear him, feel his heartbeat in our being.

Maybe we continue to talk about God in the belief that through talking we can either find him or belie the experience of him.
Our this approach takes us at the most to believe in God, but never make us to know or feel him. And believing is not worth more than talking. We can believe if the talk is convincing enough. It created situation wherein we need to prove the existence of god by the force of arguments. If someone argues forcefully and proves the existence of God and we fail to prove otherwise, we begin to accept God. But believing does not know. Howsoever we convince the blind man about the existence of light, he cannot know.

The searching mind of us made our life miserable :

Man’s mind is always searching some meaning in life. It wants to have some meaning for whatever it does. Whatever it sees, whatever it observes.hence the concept of God away from heart came in, to make meaning for the creation of world, for the existence of life, its development, its growth. For it, without God, the world would become accidental to it. For it removing God means, the world is accidental, meaningless. And the mind has an intrinsic incapacity to live with meaninglessness, so it creates all kinds of Gods, all kinds of heavens, paradise, hells, celibacy, asceticism, If no meaning is attached with, mind may start thinking why are we living and what are we doing here? why are we going on living? why go on repeating the same activities again and again?. Is there any meaning in all this, or are we just vegetating? The mind shall be asking all these questions.
There never exists meaning for a rose bud and its flowering, or for a cloud floating, the birds singing or rivers flowing, rain raining. There is no meaning but there is such tremendous beauty, bliss and relaxedness. The river goes on flowing, birds go on singing, flowers go on blossoming; there is so much joy, so much bliss, meaning is not needed. We have made our life a business like and miserable assigning and asking for meaning.

Man’s mind has not matured enough to live the life beautifully, blissfully in a relaxed manner, without assigning any meaning to it. We have started neglecting the heart and surrendered to mind, hence this state of madness.

The concept of the HEART AND mind

The Concept of Original: The heart

This world, cities, ocean, rivers, mountain, all natures and all creations, Heart its sensitivity and creativity all is original, unique which happened either before our birth or along with our birth which can be classified as concept of Original. These are unique, indivisible, undivided and original

The concept of Derivative: The Mind

These are the concept which is Derived and created by mind from the concept of Original :
Our mind and its basic nature of comparison, expectation, distinction, duality creates different concepts in life (like different form of god, religions, casts; the holy, unholy, heaven, hell, spiritual, celibacy, true, false, rich, poor, good-karmas and bad karmas) which are all a derived and processed concepts of MIND. The mind is working like a Prism where in a single color of sun ray is entered , and seven different colors are processed and created :