Thursday, November 4, 2010

Surrender, the key to DIVINITY

Surrender and divinity always move together. When surrender happens in us, immediately there also happens divinity. Symbolically surrender happens when someone puts his head into somebody’s feet, It says the head (the ego ) is now dropped and put in somebody’s feet or we remain headless. When we say, "I surrender", “I” the ego in us is surrendered. It means, "Now I am not concerned with the result, I am not concerned with the future, I am not concerned with myself at all." When the ego in us is surrendered, then where is the question of status, power, achievement, goal .When the ego is dropped at somebody else feet how can one think about the creating goal and chasing the result?

Man is very tricky. We think, “when God is there, we will surrender." And thus Surrender has not happened for millions of our lives and we go on searching for the happening of God . We conveniently forgetting one thing that we cannot find God for our surrender, we have make God and surrender to him. Surrender is like an alladin lamp and with that we can make our God happen and if we don't surrender then we can go on searching for God for millions of lives, we will never meet him, because we don't have the quality which can meet, which can find him. And it becomes impossible because God is there only if we surrender.

Another beauty of surrender is : Whomsoever we surrender, that object becomes God. Surrender doesn't depend on the object. It can be stone, it can be a tree, it can be anything. It is a quality that brings in our being. The effort to surrender brings an opening in us. Surrender gives us the eyes, and anything that is viewed by these eyes becomes divine. Divinity is a quality given by surrendering. This what happening in India, we worship trees, rivers. Even a road side stone whis is not even a statue, which has no value, which is not even carved, is worshiped . And we make a god out of it immediately. No artist is needed. Surrender is the art. No carving only stone is needed, If we can surrender, it becomes, divine. The eyes of surrender cannot find anything other than the divine. Once we enjoy the euphoria that it brings, the ecstasy that happens just by opening to a stone, then we cannot find such a foolish man who will close immediately to the remaining existence.

Surrender to the light and become divine

Happy Deepavali

Our inner being is nothing but the inner sky. Clouds come and go, planets are born and disappear, stars arise and die, and the inner sky remains the same untouched, untarnished, unscarred. And now more so in, this world of closedness, it is filled more with darkness, fear, distrust and lot many diseases. Let us on this festival of light, illuminate our inner space with Light, love, friendliness and trust and give death to all the darkness; all the fear and all disease and enjoy the Deepavali with near and dear ones with full of lights, sweets, love by creating a different kind of fragrance around us with full of consciousness. Let us surrender to the light and taste the divinity in us on this day of light. Happy Deepavali