Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas; happy divine day

Boundaries are self-created; All divisions are false. It is not really there. They are just thoughts. We can make the infinite sky into finite by saying the sky on our continent is our sky, Indian sky, Pakistan sky. The sky can never be limited and never be a Indian sky, a Chinese sky. It is an undivided expanse. It begins nowhere, it ends nowhere. It is Just the same with mind also. The mind is part of the infinite. The “my” in the mind is false. When this “ my” is removed from the mind, the finite disappears. The mind becomes infinite. Finiteness is just a conception, an illusion. And because of our conception we are confined in it. Whatsoever we think we become. Thinking makes us whatsoever we are. If we are finite, it is just a standpoint that we have taken. If “my” in the mind is dropped, mind becomes boundary-less; it becomes egoless and we become infinite. With egoless mind, we and the whole become one, Krshna decends, Jesus decends. Merry Christmas. Happy divine day


  1. This is lovely, you said this truth so well! I like your blog, and I'll follow it.

    Thanks for following Secret Story Time too!


  2. Hi Sivavasanta!

    Just come across your blog. So lovely. You can bring the message gracefully with that short-sentences-style of yours.

    Yes, boundaries are self-created; thanks for reminding me of this! :)

    Happy divine day too, Sivavasanta (it's everyday for me :D)