Saturday, November 21, 2009

in love no one is atheist

In life, love is alone the truth, the most fundamental truth. Except for love, everything else like of God, heaven, reincarnation etc., is philosophy. Except for love, everything else has to be believed in; no previous experience and no previous encounter of it. No believer has ever attained God. Love is something that can be experienced, shared & felt. We need not believe in it, need not follow any religion for it. One can even be an atheist and yet can love. And the beauty is in love no one is atheist, it is impossible to love and not to become aware of God. It is said: “In love we cannot miss krshna. Where love is, krshna is there for sure. If love is there, Krshna comes just hidden behind it, and comes so silently that we don't hear even his footsteps. We become aware only when he possessed us already. One goes into love and comes out with Krshna. What appears to be love in the beginning turns ultimately to be the very existence of Krshna”.

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