Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The concept of the HEART AND mind

The Concept of Original: The heart

This world, cities, ocean, rivers, mountain, all natures and all creations, Heart its sensitivity and creativity all is original, unique which happened either before our birth or along with our birth which can be classified as concept of Original. These are unique, indivisible, undivided and original

The concept of Derivative: The Mind

These are the concept which is Derived and created by mind from the concept of Original :
Our mind and its basic nature of comparison, expectation, distinction, duality creates different concepts in life (like different form of god, religions, casts; the holy, unholy, heaven, hell, spiritual, celibacy, true, false, rich, poor, good-karmas and bad karmas) which are all a derived and processed concepts of MIND. The mind is working like a Prism where in a single color of sun ray is entered , and seven different colors are processed and created :

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