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Friday, June 5, 2009

man has lost his heart and thereby the connection with god

Man is born in God, he breathes in God, he lives in god and in one day he dissolves into him. MAN IS GOD, and is absolutely unaware of fact. God surrounds him everywhere in every action , within and from outside. In every walk Man moves with and moves in God,
God is not a person: God is the presence that is overflowing everywhere in all directions. The beauty of existence, the splendour, the majestic, the miraculous, the mysterious, the music of the earth, the dance of the wind, the singing of the birds, the fragrance of the flowers, the flowing of river, the whole magic of life is God. God has to be lived. God need not necessarily be worshipped: And to live with him and to live in him we need not go anywhere we are already in him. To live with God we need not cultivate any specific character. God is already there in our heart. He is our consciousness.
To live God we need not to follow any specific religion , we are already in it, he is already in us. THIS very moment God is showering on us. It is not a question of the future. We are closed. We stopped working from heart, our sensitivity died, mind started working overtime. God comes in many forms, we don't receive him. He knocks on our doors many a time, we don't listen to him. And he has been knocking for ages. He has been calling for ages, either we don't hear, or, even if sometimes we hear, we don't respond.
Man is very strange, the strangest creature on the earth. no other creature lives in such anguish -- even trees are far more blissful, even rocks have more of the heart than man. They are in tune with God, or in tune with totality. man has lost the connection.

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