Wednesday, May 25, 2011

lets meditate and bring in the balance, tranquility, calmness coolness

East divides human energies into three categories: Sattva, Rajas and Tamas.
Tamas is feminine quality and passive energy. Rajas is male quality and active energy. And Sattva is the perfect balance between these two: The quality of male and female together; the energy of active and passive together. A state of perfect balance. Energy Tamas and Rajas individually is incomplete. They are half energies. Energy Tamas gets balanced when it merges with the energies of Rajas and Rajas gets balanced when its merges with the energy of Tamas.
As they are half and incomplete they always search for its other half to become full and balanced. The search of a male energy will always be for feminine energy and the feminine is for male energy. And these half inner energies can never become full by searching for the other half in the outer world. The merger has to happen inside within. Unless some chemical transformation happens inside in one’s being and the merger of male and feminine energies happen there inside and one become whole man and whole woman inside together, yin and yang together, Tamas, Rajas together one will always remain desiring, hankering, searching, and one will never be at ease. They will always be lopsided with their visions and knowing.

Yes meditation makes it happen here his chemical transformation inside and the balancing of the Tamas and Rajas together. That is the goal of all meditations. Yes whole art of meditation is to make them happen simultaneously so that one is active and passive together, one is no more two cut parts, both half is made the circle is perfect, and in that perfection of the circle is Sattva: balance, tranquility, quietness, calmness, coolness .And in this state of utter balance utter calmness there always happen the right knowing

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Man tastes bliss if he celebrates the women- the feminine " happy women's day"

Man tastes bliss if he celebrates the women- the feminine " happy women's day"

Ugliness is everywhere because man has conditioned the mind of woman in such a way that she thinks the way, man wants her to think, and made her to miss the flowering in her life

Miseries are there because man has denied the feminine part in him and denied thereby the essential of life, the spontaneity, the sensitivity, the receptivity, the celebration, the poetry, the love, the bliss of life.

And competition, conflicts aggression, anger, struggle, violence is everywhere because of male energies : competition, calculation, inventions, bombs terrorism, war, Man has moved too much towards his male energy only; friendliness and love is totally missing. Man has come to the point where either man has to change totally into love or will have to die. Really the imbalance, the absence of female energy has created havoc.

If man really wants to taste bliss he has to make feminine free, enable the feminine to flower and make this place more beautiful.

World becomes more beautiful if man stops conditioning the mind of women

Society becomes balanced if man activates the feminine in him and then

He can tastes bliss when he celebrates the women, the feminine in him

(art work source : artist priya anand pariyani of

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Let us become farmers and with gratitude cultivate bliss,love, compassion.

Happy ‘PONGAL’ . Happy makar sankaranthi

Like the farmers of southern part of India who celebrate this festival of harvest, the celebration of fulfillment, the reaping of rich harvest. They express their gratitude to the nature especially to the sun, to their cattle. Like Buddha said we all are farmers and for us it is a kind of inner agriculture. The soil is there, the seed is ready, the climate is there. But man is not ready. It is just that the farmer has to be ready. The farmer has to be awakened and start the work. Once the farmer in us is awake, our life start taking on a new duality. We are no more poorer, no more sufferer; we start growing inner crops of richness. And once the inner crops have been reaped, One is fulfilled: One has been fruitful. Then life becomes a celebration. Then great gratitude arises, with gratitude the complaint disappears. That gratitude is prayer, that gratitude is PONGAL. The real gratitude is possible only when we start feeling an inner fulfillment and the inner fulfillment happens when we start the work of awakening. Let us also become farmers and with fulfillment (gratitude) cultivate bliss, love, compassion. Happy Pongal