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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Life is felt only in love. Only love makes one aware of life and the beauty in it. Love is the light in which life becomes known & the beauty in us is enhanced. Love serves as a mirror to reflect life. When there is no love, life is not reflected, only being is seen. They say in sun we stand in darkness alone, it is very dark. No light of it. We will not know that there is any light from the sun which is going and filling the whole universe with its light. The same is with earth; we cannot find light reflected here. We cannot know its illumination. But when people go to the moon they see the earth so luminous, as luminous as the moon. Light needs to be reflected, for to be seen. And our consciousness is the highest quality of light, the subtlest light and it can be reflected only in love. And a life lived with consciousness is divine. That is what Krishna’s life Says, Become love and your life is beautified. That is why he is so beautiful; everything related with him is so beautiful. He is beauty personified.

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