Sunday, April 26, 2009

Let us celebrate the AKSHAY TRITIYA with full of richness.

Life means abundance, full of richness, richness in every possible dimension. This existence is filled with millions of plants, millions of trees, millions of stars, million of flowers, their fragrance, and their colors. And these flowers, these stars are ever expanding. Just as a flower opens up and the petals start going away from the center, the universe is continuously flowering, blossoming, opening -- and with a tremendous speed. We human beings who take birth here don't know what life is for. We have never lived our life. Though we have been born; we have not learned to be alive. We are vegetating and thinking we are living. And dieing, without ever having lived at all. These are the miracles that go on happening all around the world; people who have never lived, die -- such an impossibility! But it happens every day. And many have recognized it at the moment of death, and have said it is so.

The man who knows nothing of the great world of music is poor; he is missing one of the greatest luxuries of life. The man who does not know how to enjoy great art works of world does not know anything about the colors. Millions of people never raise their eyes towards the sky and enjoy a sunrise, a sunset and the splendor of it. We go on missing the a sunrise, a sunset, never recognizing a sunrise, never stopping for a moment to look at a sunset and all the colors that the sunset leaves behind in the sky. We don't know what colors it has taken there -- what shape, what beauty, what kind of beings have evolved there -- but one thing is certain, that existence is overflowing. With everything it is luxurious. It is not a poor existence. Poverty is man made and it is man's creation.

Living can only mean one thing: living life multidimensionally with full of richness-- the music, the dance, the poetry, the painting, the sculpture with full of creativity and full of heart. It is all richness of life. Let us not be a worshipper of poverty; this existence is full of richness, it is luxurious, abundantly luxurious. Where one flower will do, millions of flowers blossom.

Let us resolve on this Akshay Tritiya day to live tremendously, ecstatically, in every possible way. On the physical level, on the mental level, on the spiritual level, live to the uttermost of your possibility. And let the sun and the moon in us be filled with utmost energy.

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