Saturday, July 25, 2009

Approach the life with relaxedness

We are all the reflection of krshna, and can also rightly be called the shadow of krshna. We are all joined to Krishna as the shadow, is to body. There is no way we can go away from krshna or the shadow leaving away from the body. The shadow has to simply follow the body. We have to understand this fact that we are having no option other than to fallow krshna. Once we understand this truth, life becomes very easy and blissful. Then we will know the fact that we are not the doer, it is all krshna who does through us, our success and failures are of Krishna’s. If we are successful, then the krshna in us is successful and with krshna we cannot fail as the whole responsibility is on Krishna.

Hence let the Krishna’s in us be the doers and let us dis own the responsibility, let us all become the witnesses and observers start living the life in a relaxed manner.

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