Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happiness, love and krshna are consequences

The most valuable things in life such as Happiness, Krshna, Celebration, cannot be directly sought & searched for. They are all consequences; not goals. We cannot desire them. Desire them and we will miss them. Desire becomes great barriers. People who start searching for the happiness directly remain miserable for the whole of their lives. Happiness is consequence. A painter, when paints; he does not search for happiness, he paints; he is fully absorbed with his paintings; suddenly happiness comes as a consequence. Painter disappears, happiness comes. It happens. It happens to the dancer. It happens to the singers, it happens to anybody who is capable of totally absorbed in his activities, and capable of totally losing himself in the activity. Happiness always comes when we are absolutely unaware of it. And it is not only so about happiness, It is so with love. It is so with krshna. They are all consequences, not goals. Krshna happen whenever we are lost, absorbed, drunk with our activities. Whatsoever it may be. If we really totally absorbed in it, we will feel the great joy arising in us, great meditativeness happens. That is krshna, the sum total of love, beauty, celebration, meditation, prayer, gratitude. Krshna is the apex, the peak of it all. He happens as a consequence.

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  1. Very, very interesting post...!!:)

    Namaste to you brother.