Monday, December 28, 2009

Small is the way of the great to express

Gita says,

He manifests for us
those hundred thousand shapes
that clothe his Mystery;
He shows us all his semblances,
infinite, rich, divine,
His changeful hues,
His countless forms.

Everything in the existence is great, the small exists not. All is interlinked, part of infinity. Even the smallest particle is part of the whole. The particle cannot exist without the whole and vice versa. Small is the way of the great to express itself. They went for searching atom and landed in atomic energy. Small only appears small, it is an appearance. It contains the great. We cannot find the great directly. Whenever we search for great, we will find the small. The small is the way of the great to express itself. We cannot see the ocean, only waves are seen. The ocean has to be inferred. Man, woman, tree, bird, a drop of water all are the small parts, of ‘the great’, called krshna, these are just forms, when penetrated deeply, they become doors to the infinite, 'Krshna’


  1. The small is the way the great expresses itself. I will remember this.

    Thanks, Bro :)

  2. Well said sir...Don't go for appearances...They are often false n can lead to falsifying impressions...But usually this iz the way ppl perceive, fortunately or unfortunately...

  3. The small exists because it is the messenger of the great.
    There is greatness in smallness.
    A small mouse visited me recently.
    It came up to my keyboard and sat up, on its tail, calmly looking at me. Twice it did this.
    I did not touch it, although I think I could have.
    I opened the door to outside, and it climbed down the computer cables and calmly left the room, with one glance back at me.
    I am a great warrior, it taught me.
    I am small, but I can be fierce.
    My teeth can shock, as can my calmness and meek appearance.
    I learn from animals and birds, often.