Monday, March 29, 2010

Consciousness is beautiful; Self consciousness is ugly

Consciousness is beautiful; Self-consciousness is ugly. Knowledge makes one Self-conscious and Self-consciousness closes one. Then one starts hiding, one starts keeping many things inside, one has secrets. And the result : one is divided, looses the state of being at ease, sleep is disturbed, one is constantly in conflicts. One starts constantly safeguarding, armouring himself. It is just as, Adam become after he ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge. The first thing happened was he became aware of his nudity. He felt ashamed; he started hiding his nudity. Self-consciousness born. He lost his innocence. He was taken away from his god and the truth. Just a moment before, he was utterly at ease with nature, with god. There was no guilt, nothing was wrong. He was open and all was accepted as it was.It is also same with us, we have been clothed with our scriptures, theories, philosophies and are hiding our ignorance. We are like parrots who go on repeating these scriptures and we think that we know. These are the fruits of the tree of knowledge and has taken us away from our god and our innocence. If really we want to enter into our original state of Adam and encounter the god and the truth, we have to drop all our borrowed knowledge; we have to clean ours’ heart completely of all our beliefs, all scriptures, all theories, philosophies, good and bad, religious, irreligious. When we are not wearing any clothes of these and nothing to hide, just like a small child, with no shame, with no guilt, with no condemnation of anything, Our lost innocence will be regained; Only on that innocence we can contain the truth and the god.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Love is the food, the soul grows with it

People become too much body-oriented. Mind is used everywhere in every thing. The language of the soul, the love is forgotten. We become hoarders hence remain loveless. The soul is starving. We need love very much. And the problem is we go on using the body language for the soul language. The body lives by taking in; the soul lives by giving out. Love is the food with which the soul grows. It grows by giving, sharing, just like a cloud shares its water with the earth or a flower shares its fragrance with the winds. That's its fundamental secret. When we become an overflowing source of energy, only then can one know who one is. And what god is. because only that overflowing energy can meet with the overflowing energy of god.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Love has the qualities of the darkness in the beginning

Darkness has depth and power to nourish. Darkness is soothing and velvety. It is also very beautiful. Love has the qualities of the darkness in the beginning and it takes us to light. The beginning is always in ' the dark. Seed starts its life in the darkness of the soil, man starts life in the darkness of the womb, all beginnings are in the dark, darkness is one of the most essential things for anything to begin. The beginning is mysterious, hence darkness is needed. And the beginning is so delicate, that's also why darkness is needed. The beginning is also very ' intimate, that's also why darkness is needed. Darkness has depth and a tremendous power to nourish. The day tires us; the night rejuvenates. That is why love has the qualities of the darkness in the beginning. One has to move into the darkness of love in the beginning then only comes morning and the day follows, if one is afraid of the darkness then the day will never come. If one wants to skip darkness then the day is impossible. One has to go through the dark night of the soul to reach to the dawn.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy holi

Holi is the symbolic celebration for the fulfillment in man. Holi is the reminder and also the invitation. Reminder because, Man is yet to sprout, grow and blossom into flowering and spread the colour and fragrance. Invitation because he is having the potential to his fulfillment, in him is there his krshna, the freshness, youthfulness, the creativity, the dance, the music and the bliss. Man is satisfied only carrying the seeds with him; He never made any attempt to get fulfilled. In him occasionally happened the fulfillment of a tree; a Krshna, a Budha, a Jesus, a very few. Millions of people simply die as a seed, without ever being fulfilled. This is the anguish of man. Unless the seed sprouts and becomes a big tree and invites many birds to sing and winds to dance around it, unless the tree blooms in colours and in fragrance, there cannot be any fulfillment. Man is yet to sprout, grow and spread the colour and fragrance. Let us invite the Holy and celebrate . Happy Holi.