Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy new year. Let love be the resolution of the year

Man has lost Harmony and thereby the bliss. In the name of competition, we harvested enmities. One nation against other, one religion against other, one caste against other, man against woman, rich against poor, only hatred is growing. Love is missing. Our energies have turned sour, bitter and poisonous. It is disconnected from love , becomes destructive and used in destructive weapons, Terrorism and Wars. There seems no stop for it. Only love energy can be the survival for humanity's future. Our survival is at stake. We are inching closer every day to a universal suicide, ‘the atom bomb explosion’. We need an antidote in the form of love explosion to save this existence. Love is the only hope. Only love can save us. They say, We All are, seasons And this life is One Super-Sized season. Let us season here with love, bringing all the spice into life. Let love be our New Year resolution. Let our all decision be based on Love. Happy new year

Monday, December 28, 2009

Small is the way of the great to express

Gita says,

He manifests for us
those hundred thousand shapes
that clothe his Mystery;
He shows us all his semblances,
infinite, rich, divine,
His changeful hues,
His countless forms.

Everything in the existence is great, the small exists not. All is interlinked, part of infinity. Even the smallest particle is part of the whole. The particle cannot exist without the whole and vice versa. Small is the way of the great to express itself. They went for searching atom and landed in atomic energy. Small only appears small, it is an appearance. It contains the great. We cannot find the great directly. Whenever we search for great, we will find the small. The small is the way of the great to express itself. We cannot see the ocean, only waves are seen. The ocean has to be inferred. Man, woman, tree, bird, a drop of water all are the small parts, of ‘the great’, called krshna, these are just forms, when penetrated deeply, they become doors to the infinite, 'Krshna’

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas; happy divine day

Boundaries are self-created; All divisions are false. It is not really there. They are just thoughts. We can make the infinite sky into finite by saying the sky on our continent is our sky, Indian sky, Pakistan sky. The sky can never be limited and never be a Indian sky, a Chinese sky. It is an undivided expanse. It begins nowhere, it ends nowhere. It is Just the same with mind also. The mind is part of the infinite. The “my” in the mind is false. When this “ my” is removed from the mind, the finite disappears. The mind becomes infinite. Finiteness is just a conception, an illusion. And because of our conception we are confined in it. Whatsoever we think we become. Thinking makes us whatsoever we are. If we are finite, it is just a standpoint that we have taken. If “my” in the mind is dropped, mind becomes boundary-less; it becomes egoless and we become infinite. With egoless mind, we and the whole become one, Krshna decends, Jesus decends. Merry Christmas. Happy divine day

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happiness, love and krshna are consequences

The most valuable things in life such as Happiness, Krshna, Celebration, cannot be directly sought & searched for. They are all consequences; not goals. We cannot desire them. Desire them and we will miss them. Desire becomes great barriers. People who start searching for the happiness directly remain miserable for the whole of their lives. Happiness is consequence. A painter, when paints; he does not search for happiness, he paints; he is fully absorbed with his paintings; suddenly happiness comes as a consequence. Painter disappears, happiness comes. It happens. It happens to the dancer. It happens to the singers, it happens to anybody who is capable of totally absorbed in his activities, and capable of totally losing himself in the activity. Happiness always comes when we are absolutely unaware of it. And it is not only so about happiness, It is so with love. It is so with krshna. They are all consequences, not goals. Krshna happen whenever we are lost, absorbed, drunk with our activities. Whatsoever it may be. If we really totally absorbed in it, we will feel the great joy arising in us, great meditativeness happens. That is krshna, the sum total of love, beauty, celebration, meditation, prayer, gratitude. Krshna is the apex, the peak of it all. He happens as a consequence.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

There is no higher truth than love

Love is the Milky Way. It walks on earth but it doesn't belong to us, it belongs to the sky. And it is starry; all else is darkness except love. Only love has light in it, only love is luminous. When we are in love there is light and life: when love disappears there is darkness, utter darkness. Hell is the space where love does not exist; heaven is the space where only love exists and nothing else. These are the names of spaces within our being. Love opens doors to the whole Milky Way. Love is the bridge between earth and heaven, between man and Krshna. This is what depicted in and associated with all the leelas of Krishna.
This is what krshna emphasis. Let love be our law; there is no higher truth. If a man can love, then nothing else is needed; that will transform. We become Krshna