Monday, November 30, 2009

become like morning breeze, you are with krshna

Man has to become like the early morning breeze, the breeze, just before the sun rise, which is known for its freshness, aliveness and purity. Man has to be that fresh, that alive and that pure. Only through that freshness and aliveness God be contacted. Krshna the source of all life is contacted. It is not accident, all religions have chosen early morning as prayer time, the time to receive God. We become very dusty & go on gathering dust. Our very being is polluted. Pollution is not in atmosphere, it is in our being. When our being is polluted, we start polluting nature. When a man feels utterly hellish inside, he starts creating hell outside. Only corpses move around. No aliveness, no freshness, no sensitivity. In-spite of all we go on asking 'Where god is ? And all the quality in which krshna can be reflected is missing. The whole science of religion should be towards one goal: how to purify the inner being of man, how to drop the past, the burden, the dead, the dull, how to make man more sensitive The deeper the sensitivity, the deeper we penetrate existence. And God is the very core of existence. Unless we penetrate our own core there is no possibility of contacting the source of all life: the Krshna.”

Saturday, November 21, 2009

man is the potention and much has to be actualised

Man is the only creature on the whole of existence, who is dual. Other creatures are not dual: they are what they are, A cow is a cow, a dog is a dog, a rose is a rose, a tree is a tree and a peacock is a peacock. With man there is something special. Man is not what he is he can be more. Man is the only being in existence, the only evolving being in existence. Man is a potential and much has to to be actualised in him. Man is a seed, the seed of Krishna. When man Blooms, Krishna manifests. That's why the enlightened souls are called ‘Bhagwan’; It simply means that their seed has disappeared in the soil of existence, and they have come to their ultimate blossoming. Godliness has bloomed in them. The fragrance of divineness has been released.

Move to origin krshna loves you

Radha is the most beloved woman of Krishna. Krshna had many lovers; Radha is the suprememost. Historically there has never been any woman by the name of Radha, and in the ancient scriptures, including the original scripture of bhagwad, her name is not mentioned at all. It is an invention of later mystics, later sages, and it has tremendous significance. When a river moves from the original source towards the ocean, it is called DHARA, and if the same river moves reversely towards the origin and not towards the ocean, then it is called RADHA, the reverse of DHARA. Radha means the river moving towards the origin, not towards the ocean. Radha is a metaphor, implies that one can be a beloved of krshna, and krshna will madly in love with, if one turns the whole process of life, become a RADHA from being a DHARA, not moving towards the goal but going deeper and deeper down towards the source. And the source is within, the goal is with-out.

the state of infinite contentment is krshna

When someone say 'Now, there is no more to go, there is no more future needed, I am utterly contented' –then the space he attained is called Krshna .He is said have arrived krshna. Only Krshna satisfies absolutely or that which absolutely satisfies is Krshna. All that one need is a search for infinite contentment. Whenever we have arrived at that state of infinite contentment we will know what Krshna is what utter contentment is. In that moment all turmoil disappears. The mind desires no more, the mind thinks no more. It dreams no more. It repents no more. There are no longer any expectations, hence no frustrations. One is simply there with no movement towards past or future. All has stopped, the world has stopped. That stopping of the world or that stopping of the mind is Krshna. Mathura Nivasis, his cowherds, and the Gopis experienced the same. It is one of the most beautiful experiences.

only love has light

Love is the Milky Way. It walks on earth but it doesn't belong to us, it belongs to the sky. And it is starry; all else is darkness except love. Only love has light in it, only love is luminous. When we are in love there is light and life: when love disappears there is darkness, utter darkness. Hell is the space where love does not exist; heaven is the space where only love exists and nothing else. These are the names of spaces within our being. Love opens doors to the whole Milky Way. Love is the bridge between earth and heaven, between man and Krshna. This is what depicted in and associated with all the leelas of Krishna. This is what krshna emphasis. Let love be our law; there is no higher truth. If a man can love, then nothing else is needed; that will transform. We become Krshna.

Love is the only hope

We are living in a society where everyone seems in running race, Ambition, Competition, winning at all cost are mantras. Everyone is possessed with greed, ego, obsessed with money, power, and status. Love is missing and society lives a loveless life. A society that lives without LOVE lives through Beliefs and Beliefs divide people, and all divisions BREED WAR. All our societies, its cultures and the religions talk about love, but live a very loveless life. The structure that societies have created is basically against love and augment hatred. The society is geared for war. We have come now to the peak of this ugly structure of hatred. We have come to the point where either man is to change totally or will have to die. LOVE is the only hope and Krshna the god of Love is the only hope of the world. Let the new society be born with new heart, with new soul and with the flavor of love and Let the love be the poetry the song of the heart. Let us dance in tune with krshna and spread love……...sivavasanta

in love no one is atheist

In life, love is alone the truth, the most fundamental truth. Except for love, everything else like of God, heaven, reincarnation etc., is philosophy. Except for love, everything else has to be believed in; no previous experience and no previous encounter of it. No believer has ever attained God. Love is something that can be experienced, shared & felt. We need not believe in it, need not follow any religion for it. One can even be an atheist and yet can love. And the beauty is in love no one is atheist, it is impossible to love and not to become aware of God. It is said: “In love we cannot miss krshna. Where love is, krshna is there for sure. If love is there, Krshna comes just hidden behind it, and comes so silently that we don't hear even his footsteps. We become aware only when he possessed us already. One goes into love and comes out with Krshna. What appears to be love in the beginning turns ultimately to be the very existence of Krshna”.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Life is felt only in love. Only love makes one aware of life and the beauty in it. Love is the light in which life becomes known & the beauty in us is enhanced. Love serves as a mirror to reflect life. When there is no love, life is not reflected, only being is seen. They say in sun we stand in darkness alone, it is very dark. No light of it. We will not know that there is any light from the sun which is going and filling the whole universe with its light. The same is with earth; we cannot find light reflected here. We cannot know its illumination. But when people go to the moon they see the earth so luminous, as luminous as the moon. Light needs to be reflected, for to be seen. And our consciousness is the highest quality of light, the subtlest light and it can be reflected only in love. And a life lived with consciousness is divine. That is what Krishna’s life Says, Become love and your life is beautified. That is why he is so beautiful; everything related with him is so beautiful. He is beauty personified.

what we are the same comes to us

What we are the same comes to us.

Whatever we are, the same comes to us. If we are blissful, we become even more blissful. If we can laugh, more dimensions will be added to our laughter. If we can dance, more and more rhythm will come to our dance. If we can sing, the whole sky will sing with us, the mountain ranges will sing with us, the moon and stars will sing with us. And if we start crying, and start feeling disturbed, then disturbance will move towards us from all directions. We attract the same as what we are. This is the absolute law of life. Whatever we are, the same comes to us. That is why a happy man goes on becoming more happy. A peaceful man goes on becoming more peaceful. A disturbed person goes on becoming more disturbed, a miserable person goes on becoming more miserable. Become krshna and say it with flute and dance, gladden and fill the hearts with melody, dance, happiness, and bliss