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Saturday, November 21, 2009

the state of infinite contentment is krshna

When someone say 'Now, there is no more to go, there is no more future needed, I am utterly contented' –then the space he attained is called Krshna .He is said have arrived krshna. Only Krshna satisfies absolutely or that which absolutely satisfies is Krshna. All that one need is a search for infinite contentment. Whenever we have arrived at that state of infinite contentment we will know what Krshna is what utter contentment is. In that moment all turmoil disappears. The mind desires no more, the mind thinks no more. It dreams no more. It repents no more. There are no longer any expectations, hence no frustrations. One is simply there with no movement towards past or future. All has stopped, the world has stopped. That stopping of the world or that stopping of the mind is Krshna. Mathura Nivasis, his cowherds, and the Gopis experienced the same. It is one of the most beautiful experiences.

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