Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Calculative mind created god and forced us to neglect the heart by searching god outside

There is so much talk about God : there are any number of scriptures in the world, millions of people are praying and singing hymns in temples and other holy places, but in spite of it all it does not seem that we have moved any closure towards God or that we really make any attempt to feel him or see him, hear him, feel his heartbeat in our being.

Maybe we continue to talk about God in the belief that through talking we can either find him or belie the experience of him.
Our this approach takes us at the most to believe in God, but never make us to know or feel him. And believing is not worth more than talking. We can believe if the talk is convincing enough. It created situation wherein we need to prove the existence of god by the force of arguments. If someone argues forcefully and proves the existence of God and we fail to prove otherwise, we begin to accept God. But believing does not know. Howsoever we convince the blind man about the existence of light, he cannot know.

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