Thursday, June 25, 2009

the krshna in us

Observe the dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna, "So long as you believe you can kill someone, you are not a man with a soul, you are not a religious man. So long as you think that one dies, you don't know that which is within us, that which has never died and will never die. If you think you can kill someone you are under a great illusion, you are betraying your ignorance. The concept of killing and dying is materialistic; only a materialist can believe so. There is no dying, no death for one who really knows."

Nothing in this existence perishes, nor does anything new come into being. Only Forms and appearances changes, The Atma remain the same, the deepest mysteries of life remain ever the same. The Wave form of Every creature comes and goes; and the oceanic form of atma- the soul, remains eternal. Waves in the ocean rise and disappear, but the soul that which is hidden in the individual, in the form of ocean is remains there eternal. This world is filled with full of these forms, wave forms and oceanic form. You and me, including the supreme krshna is subject to these forms.

Krishna's physical form, his voice, his music are like the waves. His soul, hidden inside the body is like the ocean. Waves come and go, but the ocean is everlasting. While the forms of existence change, the soul, the spirit which abides in its élan vital is eternal. The Atma was there even when the Krishna in wave form was not born and the same Atma is there when the krshna in wave form is not here. It was there before our birth and it will be there even after our death also. Krishna is like a wave that arose from the oceanic form, appeared in Mathura, enchanted yashodha, loved radha, danced with gopis, delivered geeta, orchestrated gurushetra and become one with the same ocean.

If we look at our selves , we can also identify the existence of this two levels -- one at the level of waves and another at the level of the ocean. As waves we are individual human beings, and as the ocean we are also the supreme being or krshna.

All of us are also Krishna, but there is one difference. When Krishna is dancing as a wave he is aware that he belongs to the ocean, he is the ocean itself. But as far as we are concerned we know ourselves only as waves; we do not have the awareness of our oceanic. we forget that we are also the ocean. This is the difference between us and Krishna. And since we know ourselves only as waves, we fail to understand the oceanic form of Krishna.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Let us House Krshna

Whoever says, "I believe in Krishna," they are saying they have not been able to know Krishna. They are not strong enough to say it that way. They are not strong enough to see their own ignorance and accept it. What is the need of believing in krshna if we know him? Borrowed Knowledge never becomes belief. Knowledge remains knowledge. Ignorance tries to become belief. Belief arises out of ignorance. Because we don't know, we substitute our borrowed knowledge with belief. We hide your ignorance behind the belief. Whenever we believe, it is just to hide our ignorance..Let us try to feel and know krshna. Let us not believe in Krshna; because any relationship of belief is a wrong relationship. Let us know Him. And we can know him only through dissolving our egos, and for that total surrendering is required. The moment our ego disappears, Krshna appears. The absence of our Ego makes way for his presence. We can dissolve our egos only through surrendering and creating enough space in us. Only when we are spacious enough to contain Him, when we are no more there occupying inner space, he comes and occupies.

Let us also remember that we will never meet Krshna in person. We cannot, because the meeting will mean we are also real and Krshna is also real -- then there will be two realities which is against the truth. If we human being are real then krshna cannot be real. If krshna is real then we cannot be real. Then WHO IS krshna? Krishna is not a person. Krshna is the totality, the sum total of the whole existence. Krshna is not somebody: Krshna is 'allness'. You are krshna, we are krshna -- everybody is Krshna, all is Krshna. The Existence is krshna. Life itself is krshna. Krshna is the existence; He is impersonal 'beingness'. He is the truth.

Friday, June 5, 2009

man has lost his heart and thereby the connection with god

Man is born in God, he breathes in God, he lives in god and in one day he dissolves into him. MAN IS GOD, and is absolutely unaware of fact. God surrounds him everywhere in every action , within and from outside. In every walk Man moves with and moves in God,
God is not a person: God is the presence that is overflowing everywhere in all directions. The beauty of existence, the splendour, the majestic, the miraculous, the mysterious, the music of the earth, the dance of the wind, the singing of the birds, the fragrance of the flowers, the flowing of river, the whole magic of life is God. God has to be lived. God need not necessarily be worshipped: And to live with him and to live in him we need not go anywhere we are already in him. To live with God we need not cultivate any specific character. God is already there in our heart. He is our consciousness.
To live God we need not to follow any specific religion , we are already in it, he is already in us. THIS very moment God is showering on us. It is not a question of the future. We are closed. We stopped working from heart, our sensitivity died, mind started working overtime. God comes in many forms, we don't receive him. He knocks on our doors many a time, we don't listen to him. And he has been knocking for ages. He has been calling for ages, either we don't hear, or, even if sometimes we hear, we don't respond.
Man is very strange, the strangest creature on the earth. no other creature lives in such anguish -- even trees are far more blissful, even rocks have more of the heart than man. They are in tune with God, or in tune with totality. man has lost the connection.