Thursday, December 30, 2010

Let us pray happily that the new year conquer us and we go beyond it

Let the new year conquer us and we go beyond it

Let us receive the New Year with passive receptivity. Let us become a gesture of passive receptivity, just a womb, ready to be impregnated by the new year, waiting, welcoming, praying, but in no way expecting and seeking; no effort to conquer it. Let us remain passive and pray that we should be conquered. In our defeat is our victory; let our surrender conquer the time and take us beyond it. It is in total surrender, one reaches beyond. And it can happen any moment here, we need not go anywhere: all that is needed comes to us.

let us receive the new year with more love and gratitude

Thanks giving

for all the things I experienced

Blessed I am

For the love that happening in my life

For the sensitivity that grows in my heart

For the calmness that silence my mind

For the compassion I feel
For the understanding i seek
For the receptivity that happening

For the meditation I love

For the awareness I grow with

For the simplicity that life giving

For the air I breath

For the food I eat

For the knowing that happens in heart
For the seeing the unknown that mind witnesses

Blessed I am

For each freshness of morning breezes

For each warm activating sunrises

For each silken soothing nights

For each calming moon lights

For the twinkling of stars

For the raining clouds

For the happening of seasons

For the richness of nature

For the hugeness of mountains,

For the vastness of the seas,

For the flow of rivers

For the generosity forest

And all that surrounds me

All that comforts I avail,

All that growth I experience

All that love that guides

All that surrenders that encounters

All that gratitude that transcends

I thank you the divine

The deep power

My journey of this life is

Becoming simpler now

With no grievances, with no grudge

Making this moment of life

More enjoyable, more blessed and free.

Come, the krshnas, the Buddhas, the Jesuss, the Allahs

Let us receive the New Year

With more love, more gratitude,

And let surrender happen everywhere on its own,

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Christmas

When Jesus says 'AND KNOW THAT I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD' it is very obvious for an enlightened soul to say so as it is available forever , forever. He has become part of foreverness, he has become part of eternity, he has become part of God! He cannot go anywhere. He is with us until the end of the world. And whenever we want we can partake of him. The question is are we availing him ? availing the intoxication called Jesus, availing awareness called jesus, enjoying the beauty called jesus ? The sun is there, and it is there always for ever, but if we are sitting with closed eyes, inside our room with all the windows and doors closed. How can we avail the sunlight. Let us come out become open and avail the sunlight of Jesus. And Let us Christified. ‘Happy Christmas’

Monday, December 13, 2010


Except human beings, no one asks question. It is the anxiety of human mind which creates questions and then supplies the answers also. The questions are meaningless, hence the answers also. But the anxiety of mind will not allow us at ease unless we find the answers. And thus continues the monologue with self. It is the human mind asking and the human mind answering. It is just hide-and-seek of the same mind. If one is aware at the absurdity of the human mind one can transcend the human mind completely. Then there is no question, and then there is no answer. There is no purpose, and there is no cause. Then living itself is enough.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Surrender, the key to DIVINITY

Surrender and divinity always move together. When surrender happens in us, immediately there also happens divinity. Symbolically surrender happens when someone puts his head into somebody’s feet, It says the head (the ego ) is now dropped and put in somebody’s feet or we remain headless. When we say, "I surrender", “I” the ego in us is surrendered. It means, "Now I am not concerned with the result, I am not concerned with the future, I am not concerned with myself at all." When the ego in us is surrendered, then where is the question of status, power, achievement, goal .When the ego is dropped at somebody else feet how can one think about the creating goal and chasing the result?

Man is very tricky. We think, “when God is there, we will surrender." And thus Surrender has not happened for millions of our lives and we go on searching for the happening of God . We conveniently forgetting one thing that we cannot find God for our surrender, we have make God and surrender to him. Surrender is like an alladin lamp and with that we can make our God happen and if we don't surrender then we can go on searching for God for millions of lives, we will never meet him, because we don't have the quality which can meet, which can find him. And it becomes impossible because God is there only if we surrender.

Another beauty of surrender is : Whomsoever we surrender, that object becomes God. Surrender doesn't depend on the object. It can be stone, it can be a tree, it can be anything. It is a quality that brings in our being. The effort to surrender brings an opening in us. Surrender gives us the eyes, and anything that is viewed by these eyes becomes divine. Divinity is a quality given by surrendering. This what happening in India, we worship trees, rivers. Even a road side stone whis is not even a statue, which has no value, which is not even carved, is worshiped . And we make a god out of it immediately. No artist is needed. Surrender is the art. No carving only stone is needed, If we can surrender, it becomes, divine. The eyes of surrender cannot find anything other than the divine. Once we enjoy the euphoria that it brings, the ecstasy that happens just by opening to a stone, then we cannot find such a foolish man who will close immediately to the remaining existence.

Surrender to the light and become divine

Happy Deepavali

Our inner being is nothing but the inner sky. Clouds come and go, planets are born and disappear, stars arise and die, and the inner sky remains the same untouched, untarnished, unscarred. And now more so in, this world of closedness, it is filled more with darkness, fear, distrust and lot many diseases. Let us on this festival of light, illuminate our inner space with Light, love, friendliness and trust and give death to all the darkness; all the fear and all disease and enjoy the Deepavali with near and dear ones with full of lights, sweets, love by creating a different kind of fragrance around us with full of consciousness. Let us surrender to the light and taste the divinity in us on this day of light. Happy Deepavali

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Die to re-born

The other day night (on 29th March 2010) when i exchanged pleasantries with my father, things in life were very clear and certain. Not having an iota of doubt, for the things that is going to happen in the next day morning. Mother’s phone call shattered everyone in the morning. Father became no more, a heart attack concluded his life. The gravity in the word grounded all the air in my heart, body started trembling and mind started fearing and doubting. My knowledge failed. Memory splashed the life, he lived. His humble beginning, nonstop working, achievements, his retirement; And the life after his retirement, the beautiful young heart, old and tired body, the burdened mind, his love for children; his love for reading, his love for travelling. The awareness made me to realise that man cannot conclude life and comprehend the destiny and if sometimes it hurts we cannot think 'It is against me.' Nothing is ever against us and nothing can be ever against us. 'we come out of this existence and one day we will disappear back into it, we are just waves of the same ocean, we are not separate.' The body has become old, the body has become tired: now he needs a new body; existence is just trying to help him by taking the old garments away. Existence is trying to give him a new life, a new beginning. It was the short-sightedness of the mind that made me think my father is killed. I gained back the trust, all fear disappeared and the whole energy of fear is transformed into the energy of love. The feared mind cast its ugly spell of doubts on me and i kept cropping in dark these many days asking irreverent questions on his death. I regained my wisdom and I empowered my heart to grow with more sensitivity so that I can find wherever he is . Dad I love you so much. Appa i assure you, i will be there with you living the life more beautifully with more heart, in your non ending continued journey of the life.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Consciousness is beautiful; Self consciousness is ugly

Consciousness is beautiful; Self-consciousness is ugly. Knowledge makes one Self-conscious and Self-consciousness closes one. Then one starts hiding, one starts keeping many things inside, one has secrets. And the result : one is divided, looses the state of being at ease, sleep is disturbed, one is constantly in conflicts. One starts constantly safeguarding, armouring himself. It is just as, Adam become after he ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge. The first thing happened was he became aware of his nudity. He felt ashamed; he started hiding his nudity. Self-consciousness born. He lost his innocence. He was taken away from his god and the truth. Just a moment before, he was utterly at ease with nature, with god. There was no guilt, nothing was wrong. He was open and all was accepted as it was.It is also same with us, we have been clothed with our scriptures, theories, philosophies and are hiding our ignorance. We are like parrots who go on repeating these scriptures and we think that we know. These are the fruits of the tree of knowledge and has taken us away from our god and our innocence. If really we want to enter into our original state of Adam and encounter the god and the truth, we have to drop all our borrowed knowledge; we have to clean ours’ heart completely of all our beliefs, all scriptures, all theories, philosophies, good and bad, religious, irreligious. When we are not wearing any clothes of these and nothing to hide, just like a small child, with no shame, with no guilt, with no condemnation of anything, Our lost innocence will be regained; Only on that innocence we can contain the truth and the god.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Love is the food, the soul grows with it

People become too much body-oriented. Mind is used everywhere in every thing. The language of the soul, the love is forgotten. We become hoarders hence remain loveless. The soul is starving. We need love very much. And the problem is we go on using the body language for the soul language. The body lives by taking in; the soul lives by giving out. Love is the food with which the soul grows. It grows by giving, sharing, just like a cloud shares its water with the earth or a flower shares its fragrance with the winds. That's its fundamental secret. When we become an overflowing source of energy, only then can one know who one is. And what god is. because only that overflowing energy can meet with the overflowing energy of god.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Love has the qualities of the darkness in the beginning

Darkness has depth and power to nourish. Darkness is soothing and velvety. It is also very beautiful. Love has the qualities of the darkness in the beginning and it takes us to light. The beginning is always in ' the dark. Seed starts its life in the darkness of the soil, man starts life in the darkness of the womb, all beginnings are in the dark, darkness is one of the most essential things for anything to begin. The beginning is mysterious, hence darkness is needed. And the beginning is so delicate, that's also why darkness is needed. The beginning is also very ' intimate, that's also why darkness is needed. Darkness has depth and a tremendous power to nourish. The day tires us; the night rejuvenates. That is why love has the qualities of the darkness in the beginning. One has to move into the darkness of love in the beginning then only comes morning and the day follows, if one is afraid of the darkness then the day will never come. If one wants to skip darkness then the day is impossible. One has to go through the dark night of the soul to reach to the dawn.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy holi

Holi is the symbolic celebration for the fulfillment in man. Holi is the reminder and also the invitation. Reminder because, Man is yet to sprout, grow and blossom into flowering and spread the colour and fragrance. Invitation because he is having the potential to his fulfillment, in him is there his krshna, the freshness, youthfulness, the creativity, the dance, the music and the bliss. Man is satisfied only carrying the seeds with him; He never made any attempt to get fulfilled. In him occasionally happened the fulfillment of a tree; a Krshna, a Budha, a Jesus, a very few. Millions of people simply die as a seed, without ever being fulfilled. This is the anguish of man. Unless the seed sprouts and becomes a big tree and invites many birds to sing and winds to dance around it, unless the tree blooms in colours and in fragrance, there cannot be any fulfillment. Man is yet to sprout, grow and spread the colour and fragrance. Let us invite the Holy and celebrate . Happy Holi.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

God cannot be inferred, we have to live it.

Man is obsessed with reasoning. He judges everything through reasoning. With reasoning, man can touch the periphery only, he cannot penetrate the centre. Reason never penetrates the real core. Arrogance of reasoning has taken man, away from God. Through reason man can at the most ‘know About God’ but not ‘Know God’. The real core is missed. To know ‘About God ’ is not to ‘Know God’. ‘To know about’ is only acquaintance and not knowing. It is borrowed, it is somebody else's. God can be known and lived only through love. He cannot be inferred. He is supra-logical. Man cannot understand him through reason. To know God , one has to be in love. We have to learn the art of love. We need to be a lover, We need to be a singer, We need to be a dancer. God is the center which resides in love. If we love, if we love enough, that love itself becomes the evidence, absolute evidence; even if the whole world says there is no God, it cannot shake the truth. Because God is love.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Prayer brings Krshna

Prayer is a preparation to welcome Krshna and to express our gratitude and thankfulness for whatever existence has done . He is expected. We have to prepare ourselves. Prayer is the way. Prayer is a mood of welcoming. It need not be formal. It need not be scriptural. It should be heartful, spontaneous and arise from heart. Even a babbling will do. Like the small child’s babbling, which attracts the mother and people around the child with its sweetness. Let the prayer in the beginning be like babbling. A babbled prayer attracts Krshna the most. Let our prayers be spontaneous, direct, and arise from our heart. Let our prayer be deep and soaked in tears with our happiness and bliss. Definitely our prayer will be heard. Our babbling will be heard. And in that moment in our temple of silence Krshna will enter as innocent consciousness. It is heard that after getting enlightment Buddha said “what has happened to me can happen to all”. Yes it is true , What has happened to one man is the birthright of all.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Be rejoice, love grows in rejoice and in love we grow with god

Be playful and rejoice. In rejoice grows love and in love, we grow with God. This is the message Krshna says. Love grows in rejoice. The more we rejoice, the more we are able to love and both help each other. The more we love, the more we rejoice and the result: God also takes part in our rejoice. He comes closer and closer and start living with Us. If this is understood, then nothing is left to be understood. Rejoice in love, because love is the door to Krshna. Yes only love is the door to krshna. Love should be playful. It should not be a burden or it should not be serious . Love should be a dance to be danced, a song to be sung. Krshna is very close to us when we are in playfulness. Man is never more playful than when he is in love. In playfulness alone one is as innocent as a child. And when one is innocent, like a child and playful, Krshna is just around the corner ready to play with us. In rejoice love grows and in love we grow with krshna.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Divine is drawn in love and there is no other door to the divine than love. Only love is divine and everything divine is rooted in love. The more we become love; the closer we are to god. And if one can dissolve completely into love, one becomes one with god.

The beauty of love is, it is available free. It seems all that is really valuable in life is available free. Like the air that we breathe. The problem is, man has been going on polluting it and destroying it and thereby the very source of life. Society has been polluting love from the very beginning. They have destroyed the whole energy of it, They have poisoned the very source of love. And the price, world has gone too much into hate and ocean of hatred is everywhere. Now we need thousands of Krshnas, Buddhas, Christs to change the prevailing climate of hatred.

Love has to be reclaimed, because just as the body cannot exist without air, the soul cannot exist without love. Love is needed for soul to survive. But man is moving without soul. He become almost a crowd, with no soul within, with no self within, just a circumference without any centre. This is the misery, the madness. One really does not know who he is. He is not centered. There are many people inside him and everybody claims 'I am you.' Man become split with many faces. And those faces go on changing. In the morning we are one, by the afternoon we are another. We are a constant battleground of these many selves. One self decides one thing; another self immediately cancels it. There is a continuous fight going on. Man remains in a war-field. Man is not centered, man’s centre remains darkened. It starves of love, Love is taken away from it. Unless love arrives, the centre remains darkened. Unless love comes in one is into pieces, there is no possibility of any blissful growth.

A man is said to be in love, when he is centered, when his being is silent. It is the quality of being a no-mind, of being silent. Consciousness is the space. In silent blooms love. Love is the song of silence. A Buddha is love, a Jesus is love .Their love was not with a particular person, but simply they become love. Their very climate is love, spreading in all directions. Whosoever comes close to a Buddha will feel it, will be showered by it . And it is unconditional. Love makes no conditions, no ifs, no buts. Love is like breathing, when it happens one is simply love. It does not matter who comes close to, the sinner or the saint. Whosoever comes close to, starts feeling the vibe of love, is rejoiced. Giving of love happens only when one is capable of giving. Love has to arise in. Love first has to happen in the deepest core of our being. And when it arises in us, it is so much, it is unbearable. Its pleasure is so unbearable. It is heavy like the clouds which are full of rain; they HAVE to shower, they HAVE to rain, they HAVE to unburden themselves.

In love no one goes bankrupt. The more we give, the more we have, because in our silent being we are joined with the oceanic, the divine source of all. And can go on sharing. More and more goes on flowing in us. It goes on welling up.

This is the message of valentine’s day : let love arise, help love to grow. Put everything at the door of love, sacrifice whatsoever is needed to be sacrificed, because nothing is more valuable than love. With love, one is really born. we will need millions of people who are capable of love, unconditionally, without asking anything in return, and who are silent and blissful that wherever they are they will be able to dissipate hatred

Wednesday, January 13, 2010



Man lacks gratitude, he became irreligious. Irreligious because, we lacks sensitivity, we lack gratitude. A irreligious person is one who has lost sensitivity, the feeling of awe and wonder; who is no more receptive to the glories of life; who is not grateful to existence for whatever it has given.

We lost sensitivity, the feeling of awe and wonder , our acquired knowledge becomes the barriers ; we lost our childlike quality and became insensitive to precious things happening around us; Existence is so generous, so rewarding, so caring, it goes on showering all the essentials, all the comforts and all the luxuries on us enhancing the richness, blissfulness of our life. It has given from the biggest stars to the smallest blade of grass; it has been performing wonder upon wonder each moment and moment to moment. Each moment is so precious that it is really impossible to understand how people can remain ungrateful to existence. Each breath is a miracle. Wherever we look and whatsoever we see is a miracle. The sun rising is miracle, the wind blowing is miracle, the cloud forming is miracle, the rain raining is miracle, the seed sprouting is miracle, the tree blossoming is miracle, flower blooming is miracle, birds singing is miracle. Everything is miracle and miracles abound. Our acquired knowledge has come between the childlike quality and the wonderful moments and we become insensitive and hence ungrateful and irreligious. We need to grow more with sensitive, the childlike quality and remain alive to this childlike quality to feel wonders of each moment in life. Like Jesus said, be like a child and the kingdom of god is ours. One need not go to church or temple. One need not believe in god. One can do without believing in god, but one should be sensitive enough and grateful to nature. In that sensitive, there arises prayer with fragrance, it arises as gratitude. With gratitude the ever complaining mind disappear and along with it all the misery. In gratitude alone man is fully happy and is in touch with his soul and get connected thereby with everything in the universe including the god. Gratitude is the direction which leads us to god. With gratitude, Ego cannot stay with us. We cannot have Gratitude and ego together. Ego gives way for gratitude and when ego is not there god is there. Let us be grateful to THE SUN and express our gratitude on this Makar Sankranti to the sun. Let us understand the feeling of gratitude through the feeling of sensitivity and allow it to sink deeply within us, Let us be religious and start feeling grateful for everything the Sun has done for us. HAPPY MAKAR SANKRANTI