Sunday, September 20, 2009

become a expectant, things will happen

Nothing happens accidentally, nothing at all. Everything is possible. All things are happening, Krshna is happening, millions of things are possible, but only one thing will happen to us for which we were ready, seeking, waiting, praying. Only that for which we are looking intensely, we will be able to see; otherwise things are happening regularly and will come and go, but we will not become aware of them. When we are looking for something we become focused on it and in we focusing it happens; it cannot happen otherwise. Hence we need to become expectants to receive and things will happen. The very Krshna will happen. Become a expectant, as a women in expectant, fully involved with heart, mind, and body, waiting to receive. The total is to be involved, the all is to be involved: mind, heart, body. And the more one is expectant, the more is possible, because we get only that for which we wait.

The problem with our generation is that we are not waiting for anything, we expect but not become expectant, expectation is a mind product, hence nothing happens, nothing ever happens. Not that things are not happening but we are not waiting, and without waiting we are not able to receive, because without waiting we never open our doors for things to enter. Without waiting, the guest will not come because we have not even invited him. So when Krshna does not happen people think otherwise. Krshna has been happening down the ages; This century has become very very stubborn, closed, unexpectant, non-searching, non-exploring. And when we don't invite, nothing is going to happen. So Let us be receptive, be available, open and the krshna will happen.

with krshna we cannot fail

We are all having the reflection of krshna’s beauty, his radiant his blissfulness in us, and if we can find the Krshna in us there is nothing more in this whole existence to find. We know krshna is functioning through us. When we open our eyes, it is Krshna opening his eyes. When we close our eyes, it is krshna who is closing his eyes. There is no activity that we can do it on our own or there is no activity that krshna shall allow us to on our own. Neither we go away from krshna nor krshna leave away from us. We have to understand this truth. We are not the doer; it is all krshna who does through us. We don’t have to do anything; whatever we are doing is being done by Krshna. We are walking, it is Krshna walking, we are sleeping, it is krshna resting; we are speaking, it is krshna speaking; you are silent, it is krshna who is silent. We have to understand this and simply relax and throw away the responsibilities, krshna cannot fail, dissolve the mind, throw away it created worries and miseries. May be , initially mind may not accept this truth, use simple meditation technique, watch the breathing, be a witness and Relax. Our success and failures are of Krishna’s. If we are successful, then the krshna in us is successful and with krshna we cannot fail as the whole responsibility is on Krishna. Hence let us Live the life like krshna - alive, radiant, blissful, a song unto oneself. Our whole life becomes a prayer without any words, or better to say a prayerfulness, a grace, a beauty like of krshna which does not belong to this world.