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Friday, April 17, 2009

mind puts cover on our sensitivity and takes us away from godiliness.

It is just as if our hands are in a glove and we shake hands: something goes on covering our sensitivity. we have an umbrella and it protects us from rain, but it also obstructs the rain from reaching us .We never allow sun rays or rain to reach us and touch us, some time it is good, not to use the umbrella and just go into the rains and to feel the raining or take the sun bath.The more sensitive we become to things, the more aware we will become that god is present everywhere. In the same proportion of sensitivity that we have, we will feel the presence of god. The less sensitivity we have, the less we will feel god; if we have no sensitivity, we will not feel god at all. If we are not finding god or godliness in our time, it is not because god is not present among us but because man's sensitivity is dead. We cannot touch, we cannot taste, we cannot smell; Our mind and calculated move covering our being. if we start uncovering our being -- and by uncovering our being we will be able to discover god and the godliness

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