Saturday, November 21, 2009

Love is the only hope

We are living in a society where everyone seems in running race, Ambition, Competition, winning at all cost are mantras. Everyone is possessed with greed, ego, obsessed with money, power, and status. Love is missing and society lives a loveless life. A society that lives without LOVE lives through Beliefs and Beliefs divide people, and all divisions BREED WAR. All our societies, its cultures and the religions talk about love, but live a very loveless life. The structure that societies have created is basically against love and augment hatred. The society is geared for war. We have come now to the peak of this ugly structure of hatred. We have come to the point where either man is to change totally or will have to die. LOVE is the only hope and Krshna the god of Love is the only hope of the world. Let the new society be born with new heart, with new soul and with the flavor of love and Let the love be the poetry the song of the heart. Let us dance in tune with krshna and spread love……...sivavasanta

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