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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mind forces us to live in deep illusion

Mind forces us to live in a deep illusion -: the illusion of hope, illusion of good future, illusion of good tomorrow. Now we have been lead to such a situation where in it affairs that the Mankind cannot exist without self-deceptions.
The concept of mind has to be understood deeply. This mind which wants to de activate the heart needs lies, needs illusions, It cannot exist with the real, it needs dreams. We are dreaming Even while awake, we are dreaming continuously. Continuously, the mind is creating dreams, images, fantasies.

Day, night, mind goes on moving from no-dream to dream, then from dream to no-dream again. This is an inner rhythm. Not only that we continuously dream, in life also we project hopes into the future. Thus the mind ignored the present and made the present almost a hell. we are hoping every time that something is going to happen in tomorrow and our wishes and dreams are going to be fulfilled -- some doors of fortunes, some doors of paradise will open tomorrow. And we in the hands of the mind continuously illusioned we never fail to understand the paradise and the treasure which never opened today, and will not open on tomorrows. However the mind goes on moving in tomorrows. The mind goes on moving ahead of us: we are not one with the real, that which is nearby, that which is here and now, we are somewhere else -- moving ahead, jumping ahead.

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