Friday, August 21, 2009

Be one with Krshna, Death disappears and You taste the nectar of eternal.

The whole existence is one family; and all the forms in the existence exist through some specific relationship. They are inter related. The whole exists in each forms and in each form there exist the whole. And Krshna here is, the whole, we are within the Krshna, the whole and the whole, krshna resides within us. This is what we call non duality. This is what the absolute truth is : That we are not separate from Krshna and Krshna is there in each one of us. However the logical mind of man has created the concept of separation and there raised the concept of birth and death simultaneously. Death is inevitable when we are separate from the whole. And when we are one with this vast oneness, the death perishes. This is what the mystics say that surrender is deathlessness. Surrender we, become one with the whole, one with krshna. The moment ego disappears, death disappears.

The existence is Krshna and Krshna here means that phenomenon in which we are living, in which we are breathing and breathe, in whose existence is included our existence. When we are part of the whole, then there can be no such thing as death for us, because it is only persons who disappear; the whole remains forever. The existence was there when we were not there, and it will be there when we are no more. -- If we are separate, then our birth takes place and our death takes place, because in separateness both has to be born and both has to die also. But if we are not separate, then we were before our birth; only our forms may have been different. We will remain after our death; our form can be any but there is no way to perish. If we are one with the whole, the krshna then life is eternal, with no beginnings and no ends, from infinity to infinity. The fear disappears, and then arises celebration in life. How can fearful hearts dance with krshna?

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