Friday, July 17, 2009

Accepts all contradictions, you attain totality

In Krshna, the mahayogi, meets all contradictions

Krishna is like a vast ocean on whose endless shore many great intellects and great lovers of krshna have made their own pools and started projecting and depicting it as krshna. The immensity of krshna is such that these pools don't even cover a small fraction of the ocean called Krishna. We may have some idea of the ocean; however cannot know the ocean from these pools. There is only one way to have the whole of Krishna, and that is to understand him choicelessly by dropping our choices and preferences for these pools. Understanding the whole-oceanic krshna is a blissful journey.

And the beauty is; in the process we will be integrated and made whole. In the very process of understanding the whole krshna, we will begin to be whole and holy. By dropping our choices and preferences, and understanding Krishna in his totality, we will find, by and by, our inner contradictions and conflicts have diminished and disappeared, the concept of life and its fragments have come together into an integrated whole. We will attain to what is called yoga or unity. In us will happen the union of yin and yang, the dancing of radha and krshna, the meeting of logic and illogic. For Krishna, yoga has only one meaning; to be united, to be integrated, and to be whole. That is why Krishna is called the mahayogi, one who has attained to the highest yoga, the totality by accepting the opposites together.

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