Sunday, April 26, 2009

Let us celebrate the AKSHAY TRITIYA with full of richness.

Life means abundance, full of richness, richness in every possible dimension. This existence is filled with millions of plants, millions of trees, millions of stars, million of flowers, their fragrance, and their colors. And these flowers, these stars are ever expanding. Just as a flower opens up and the petals start going away from the center, the universe is continuously flowering, blossoming, opening -- and with a tremendous speed. We human beings who take birth here don't know what life is for. We have never lived our life. Though we have been born; we have not learned to be alive. We are vegetating and thinking we are living. And dieing, without ever having lived at all. These are the miracles that go on happening all around the world; people who have never lived, die -- such an impossibility! But it happens every day. And many have recognized it at the moment of death, and have said it is so.

The man who knows nothing of the great world of music is poor; he is missing one of the greatest luxuries of life. The man who does not know how to enjoy great art works of world does not know anything about the colors. Millions of people never raise their eyes towards the sky and enjoy a sunrise, a sunset and the splendor of it. We go on missing the a sunrise, a sunset, never recognizing a sunrise, never stopping for a moment to look at a sunset and all the colors that the sunset leaves behind in the sky. We don't know what colors it has taken there -- what shape, what beauty, what kind of beings have evolved there -- but one thing is certain, that existence is overflowing. With everything it is luxurious. It is not a poor existence. Poverty is man made and it is man's creation.

Living can only mean one thing: living life multidimensionally with full of richness-- the music, the dance, the poetry, the painting, the sculpture with full of creativity and full of heart. It is all richness of life. Let us not be a worshipper of poverty; this existence is full of richness, it is luxurious, abundantly luxurious. Where one flower will do, millions of flowers blossom.

Let us resolve on this Akshay Tritiya day to live tremendously, ecstatically, in every possible way. On the physical level, on the mental level, on the spiritual level, live to the uttermost of your possibility. And let the sun and the moon in us be filled with utmost energy.

Friday, April 17, 2009

to find our lord is simple, it is a miracle we go on missing him

We go on missing our krshna because we go on looking far away. We are searching krshna with all those means and methods which are good for searching distance things, hence they are taking us away from krshna, hence we go on missing. A telescope is good to see things which are far away, but if we start looking for things through the telescope which are not far away, which are very close by, we will miss them.. and krshna is the closest to us! Even to look at him with open eyes is to miss him, because open eyes too look far away. Even an inch away is far away. if we observe that is in deep prayer or in deep meditation, we automatically close our eyes. thru closed eyes we come closure to our being, hence Krshna can be seen only with closed eyes: he is so close by --even open eyes will take us far away from him. He is just in the heart beat. This is the open secret: don't look far away, don't go after the distant, search in the close-by, look within! And krshna has always been there -- it is a miracle that we miss him! To find krshna is the simplest thing --to miss him is really a miracle. It is simply incredible how we go on missing him, because we live in him, we are born in him, we breathe in him, we die in him. hence let us change our approach, let us approach krshna with closed eyes, looking within, krshna ensures his presence there in, in us

Let us dissolve our head and grow with our heart and godliness.

The heart, it is called as the divine cave, and somewhere behind the lungs the cave is hidden where our life energy, the sensitivity, the creativity and our gods live together. As we and krshna are not two separate entities. we are the seed and god and godliness is the blossoming of it; Hence a sincere effort to be made to find where that cave is and how to enter into it. However the materialistic have gone very far away from their hearts. They are more with their head. The head is the farthest point from the heart. the distance between the head and the heart is not in few inches as it looks , but it is in infinite They are poles apart. The heart is on one corner of existence and the head is on another corner of existence. A doubting mind, remains in the head, is hung up there, and suffers tremendously because life never opens its doors for doubt. Doubt itself is the block. The moment you doubt, you are closed -- so the mind is a closed phenomenon; the heart is an opening. When you trust, you open up-- when trust is full then the opening is total. Few moments of trust become great glimpses into divinity. It takes us to godliness and krshna and thus enable us to merge with him hence let us grow with heart and enjoy the growing moments with godliness.

mind puts cover on our sensitivity and takes us away from godiliness.

It is just as if our hands are in a glove and we shake hands: something goes on covering our sensitivity. we have an umbrella and it protects us from rain, but it also obstructs the rain from reaching us .We never allow sun rays or rain to reach us and touch us, some time it is good, not to use the umbrella and just go into the rains and to feel the raining or take the sun bath.The more sensitive we become to things, the more aware we will become that god is present everywhere. In the same proportion of sensitivity that we have, we will feel the presence of god. The less sensitivity we have, the less we will feel god; if we have no sensitivity, we will not feel god at all. If we are not finding god or godliness in our time, it is not because god is not present among us but because man's sensitivity is dead. We cannot touch, we cannot taste, we cannot smell; Our mind and calculated move covering our being. if we start uncovering our being -- and by uncovering our being we will be able to discover god and the godliness

We are god in ourselves and have the potentiality to create our own world of happiness

Life consists of pleasure and pain, happiness and unhappiness. It depends on us what we choose. Someone Loves beauty, flute, dance and rose flowers, for him the thorns on the rosebush disappears. His Eyes attuned to the beauty and its fragrance and they don't take notice of the thorns. But if someone sees only thorns he will miss the flower and its beauty. For him thorns become the fact of life and happiness of flowers disappear. For a lover of beauty, thorns remain unnoticed and become illusory and flowers become the beauty and the truth. It depends on man, what he chooses; he is free to choose. He is god to him self to create his one world happiness or otherwise.Man is free to choose, and this freedom affirms he is god to him self. He with proper awareness can choose anything. Life will be pure suffering for one who makes suffering as his choice. We become that, which we choose to become. In fact, we see what we want to see; we find what we want to find; we receive what we ask for. So if we seek suffering we are going to have it, without fail. The irony is that if someone opts for suffering he does not suffer alone, he makes many others suffer with him. It is impossible that an unhappy man can make another man happy. We can share with others only that which we have, not what we don't have. Since suffering has become his life's breath, wherever he goes he will carry the germs of suffering with himAnd the person who decides to be happy is going to bless the whole to be happy, he is going to add to the song and music of life all over this planet. He receives the world full of happiness, with full of confidence. His relaxed states permit him to contribute and give more to the society in which he lives. He accepts all the duality of life in much relaxed manner. Therefore a happy person is a godly person, a religious person.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mind forces us to live in deep illusion

Mind forces us to live in a deep illusion -: the illusion of hope, illusion of good future, illusion of good tomorrow. Now we have been lead to such a situation where in it affairs that the Mankind cannot exist without self-deceptions.
The concept of mind has to be understood deeply. This mind which wants to de activate the heart needs lies, needs illusions, It cannot exist with the real, it needs dreams. We are dreaming Even while awake, we are dreaming continuously. Continuously, the mind is creating dreams, images, fantasies.

Day, night, mind goes on moving from no-dream to dream, then from dream to no-dream again. This is an inner rhythm. Not only that we continuously dream, in life also we project hopes into the future. Thus the mind ignored the present and made the present almost a hell. we are hoping every time that something is going to happen in tomorrow and our wishes and dreams are going to be fulfilled -- some doors of fortunes, some doors of paradise will open tomorrow. And we in the hands of the mind continuously illusioned we never fail to understand the paradise and the treasure which never opened today, and will not open on tomorrows. However the mind goes on moving in tomorrows. The mind goes on moving ahead of us: we are not one with the real, that which is nearby, that which is here and now, we are somewhere else -- moving ahead, jumping ahead.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

God is very close and closure to our heart

God is in the heart. He is one with his existence. God is his existence IT SELF. He is Indivisible from his creations.

God can be seen only with closed eyes: he is so close by -- even open eyes will take us far away. He is just in the heart beat. This is the secret: don't look far away, don't go after the distant, search in the close-by, look within! And god has always been there -- it is a miracle that we miss him! To find god is a simple thing -- to miss him is a miracle. To find god is very easy -- to miss him is a very complex phenomenon. It is simply incredible how we go on missing him, because we live in him, we are born in him, we breathe in him, we die in him.

The Calculative mind created god and forced us to neglect the heart by searching god outside

There is so much talk about God : there are any number of scriptures in the world, millions of people are praying and singing hymns in temples and other holy places, but in spite of it all it does not seem that we have moved any closure towards God or that we really make any attempt to feel him or see him, hear him, feel his heartbeat in our being.

Maybe we continue to talk about God in the belief that through talking we can either find him or belie the experience of him.
Our this approach takes us at the most to believe in God, but never make us to know or feel him. And believing is not worth more than talking. We can believe if the talk is convincing enough. It created situation wherein we need to prove the existence of god by the force of arguments. If someone argues forcefully and proves the existence of God and we fail to prove otherwise, we begin to accept God. But believing does not know. Howsoever we convince the blind man about the existence of light, he cannot know.

The searching mind of us made our life miserable :

Man’s mind is always searching some meaning in life. It wants to have some meaning for whatever it does. Whatever it sees, whatever it observes.hence the concept of God away from heart came in, to make meaning for the creation of world, for the existence of life, its development, its growth. For it, without God, the world would become accidental to it. For it removing God means, the world is accidental, meaningless. And the mind has an intrinsic incapacity to live with meaninglessness, so it creates all kinds of Gods, all kinds of heavens, paradise, hells, celibacy, asceticism, If no meaning is attached with, mind may start thinking why are we living and what are we doing here? why are we going on living? why go on repeating the same activities again and again?. Is there any meaning in all this, or are we just vegetating? The mind shall be asking all these questions.
There never exists meaning for a rose bud and its flowering, or for a cloud floating, the birds singing or rivers flowing, rain raining. There is no meaning but there is such tremendous beauty, bliss and relaxedness. The river goes on flowing, birds go on singing, flowers go on blossoming; there is so much joy, so much bliss, meaning is not needed. We have made our life a business like and miserable assigning and asking for meaning.

Man’s mind has not matured enough to live the life beautifully, blissfully in a relaxed manner, without assigning any meaning to it. We have started neglecting the heart and surrendered to mind, hence this state of madness.

The concept of the HEART AND mind

The Concept of Original: The heart

This world, cities, ocean, rivers, mountain, all natures and all creations, Heart its sensitivity and creativity all is original, unique which happened either before our birth or along with our birth which can be classified as concept of Original. These are unique, indivisible, undivided and original

The concept of Derivative: The Mind

These are the concept which is Derived and created by mind from the concept of Original :
Our mind and its basic nature of comparison, expectation, distinction, duality creates different concepts in life (like different form of god, religions, casts; the holy, unholy, heaven, hell, spiritual, celibacy, true, false, rich, poor, good-karmas and bad karmas) which are all a derived and processed concepts of MIND. The mind is working like a Prism where in a single color of sun ray is entered , and seven different colors are processed and created :