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Friday, April 17, 2009

to find our lord is simple, it is a miracle we go on missing him

We go on missing our krshna because we go on looking far away. We are searching krshna with all those means and methods which are good for searching distance things, hence they are taking us away from krshna, hence we go on missing. A telescope is good to see things which are far away, but if we start looking for things through the telescope which are not far away, which are very close by, we will miss them.. and krshna is the closest to us! Even to look at him with open eyes is to miss him, because open eyes too look far away. Even an inch away is far away. if we observe that is in deep prayer or in deep meditation, we automatically close our eyes. thru closed eyes we come closure to our being, hence Krshna can be seen only with closed eyes: he is so close by --even open eyes will take us far away from him. He is just in the heart beat. This is the open secret: don't look far away, don't go after the distant, search in the close-by, look within! And krshna has always been there -- it is a miracle that we miss him! To find krshna is the simplest thing --to miss him is really a miracle. It is simply incredible how we go on missing him, because we live in him, we are born in him, we breathe in him, we die in him. hence let us change our approach, let us approach krshna with closed eyes, looking within, krshna ensures his presence there in, in us

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