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Friday, April 17, 2009

Let us dissolve our head and grow with our heart and godliness.

The heart, it is called as the divine cave, and somewhere behind the lungs the cave is hidden where our life energy, the sensitivity, the creativity and our gods live together. As we and krshna are not two separate entities. we are the seed and god and godliness is the blossoming of it; Hence a sincere effort to be made to find where that cave is and how to enter into it. However the materialistic have gone very far away from their hearts. They are more with their head. The head is the farthest point from the heart. the distance between the head and the heart is not in few inches as it looks , but it is in infinite They are poles apart. The heart is on one corner of existence and the head is on another corner of existence. A doubting mind, remains in the head, is hung up there, and suffers tremendously because life never opens its doors for doubt. Doubt itself is the block. The moment you doubt, you are closed -- so the mind is a closed phenomenon; the heart is an opening. When you trust, you open up-- when trust is full then the opening is total. Few moments of trust become great glimpses into divinity. It takes us to godliness and krshna and thus enable us to merge with him hence let us grow with heart and enjoy the growing moments with godliness.

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