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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Move to origin krshna loves you

Radha is the most beloved woman of Krishna. Krshna had many lovers; Radha is the suprememost. Historically there has never been any woman by the name of Radha, and in the ancient scriptures, including the original scripture of bhagwad, her name is not mentioned at all. It is an invention of later mystics, later sages, and it has tremendous significance. When a river moves from the original source towards the ocean, it is called DHARA, and if the same river moves reversely towards the origin and not towards the ocean, then it is called RADHA, the reverse of DHARA. Radha means the river moving towards the origin, not towards the ocean. Radha is a metaphor, implies that one can be a beloved of krshna, and krshna will madly in love with, if one turns the whole process of life, become a RADHA from being a DHARA, not moving towards the goal but going deeper and deeper down towards the source. And the source is within, the goal is with-out.

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