Wednesday, January 13, 2010



Man lacks gratitude, he became irreligious. Irreligious because, we lacks sensitivity, we lack gratitude. A irreligious person is one who has lost sensitivity, the feeling of awe and wonder; who is no more receptive to the glories of life; who is not grateful to existence for whatever it has given.

We lost sensitivity, the feeling of awe and wonder , our acquired knowledge becomes the barriers ; we lost our childlike quality and became insensitive to precious things happening around us; Existence is so generous, so rewarding, so caring, it goes on showering all the essentials, all the comforts and all the luxuries on us enhancing the richness, blissfulness of our life. It has given from the biggest stars to the smallest blade of grass; it has been performing wonder upon wonder each moment and moment to moment. Each moment is so precious that it is really impossible to understand how people can remain ungrateful to existence. Each breath is a miracle. Wherever we look and whatsoever we see is a miracle. The sun rising is miracle, the wind blowing is miracle, the cloud forming is miracle, the rain raining is miracle, the seed sprouting is miracle, the tree blossoming is miracle, flower blooming is miracle, birds singing is miracle. Everything is miracle and miracles abound. Our acquired knowledge has come between the childlike quality and the wonderful moments and we become insensitive and hence ungrateful and irreligious. We need to grow more with sensitive, the childlike quality and remain alive to this childlike quality to feel wonders of each moment in life. Like Jesus said, be like a child and the kingdom of god is ours. One need not go to church or temple. One need not believe in god. One can do without believing in god, but one should be sensitive enough and grateful to nature. In that sensitive, there arises prayer with fragrance, it arises as gratitude. With gratitude the ever complaining mind disappear and along with it all the misery. In gratitude alone man is fully happy and is in touch with his soul and get connected thereby with everything in the universe including the god. Gratitude is the direction which leads us to god. With gratitude, Ego cannot stay with us. We cannot have Gratitude and ego together. Ego gives way for gratitude and when ego is not there god is there. Let us be grateful to THE SUN and express our gratitude on this Makar Sankranti to the sun. Let us understand the feeling of gratitude through the feeling of sensitivity and allow it to sink deeply within us, Let us be religious and start feeling grateful for everything the Sun has done for us. HAPPY MAKAR SANKRANTI