Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy holi

Holi is the symbolic celebration for the fulfillment in man. Holi is the reminder and also the invitation. Reminder because, Man is yet to sprout, grow and blossom into flowering and spread the colour and fragrance. Invitation because he is having the potential to his fulfillment, in him is there his krshna, the freshness, youthfulness, the creativity, the dance, the music and the bliss. Man is satisfied only carrying the seeds with him; He never made any attempt to get fulfilled. In him occasionally happened the fulfillment of a tree; a Krshna, a Budha, a Jesus, a very few. Millions of people simply die as a seed, without ever being fulfilled. This is the anguish of man. Unless the seed sprouts and becomes a big tree and invites many birds to sing and winds to dance around it, unless the tree blooms in colours and in fragrance, there cannot be any fulfillment. Man is yet to sprout, grow and spread the colour and fragrance. Let us invite the Holy and celebrate . Happy Holi.

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  1. Hey, I have just read this!

    Nice metaphor, BTW... man needs to grow the way a seed grows into a big tree that invites every beauty. Nice, I love this. Inspiring :)