Thursday, February 18, 2010

Prayer brings Krshna

Prayer is a preparation to welcome Krshna and to express our gratitude and thankfulness for whatever existence has done . He is expected. We have to prepare ourselves. Prayer is the way. Prayer is a mood of welcoming. It need not be formal. It need not be scriptural. It should be heartful, spontaneous and arise from heart. Even a babbling will do. Like the small child’s babbling, which attracts the mother and people around the child with its sweetness. Let the prayer in the beginning be like babbling. A babbled prayer attracts Krshna the most. Let our prayers be spontaneous, direct, and arise from our heart. Let our prayer be deep and soaked in tears with our happiness and bliss. Definitely our prayer will be heard. Our babbling will be heard. And in that moment in our temple of silence Krshna will enter as innocent consciousness. It is heard that after getting enlightment Buddha said “what has happened to me can happen to all”. Yes it is true , What has happened to one man is the birthright of all.

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  1. Prayer also brings about mindfulness in all we do :)