Monday, March 29, 2010

Consciousness is beautiful; Self consciousness is ugly

Consciousness is beautiful; Self-consciousness is ugly. Knowledge makes one Self-conscious and Self-consciousness closes one. Then one starts hiding, one starts keeping many things inside, one has secrets. And the result : one is divided, looses the state of being at ease, sleep is disturbed, one is constantly in conflicts. One starts constantly safeguarding, armouring himself. It is just as, Adam become after he ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge. The first thing happened was he became aware of his nudity. He felt ashamed; he started hiding his nudity. Self-consciousness born. He lost his innocence. He was taken away from his god and the truth. Just a moment before, he was utterly at ease with nature, with god. There was no guilt, nothing was wrong. He was open and all was accepted as it was.It is also same with us, we have been clothed with our scriptures, theories, philosophies and are hiding our ignorance. We are like parrots who go on repeating these scriptures and we think that we know. These are the fruits of the tree of knowledge and has taken us away from our god and our innocence. If really we want to enter into our original state of Adam and encounter the god and the truth, we have to drop all our borrowed knowledge; we have to clean ours’ heart completely of all our beliefs, all scriptures, all theories, philosophies, good and bad, religious, irreligious. When we are not wearing any clothes of these and nothing to hide, just like a small child, with no shame, with no guilt, with no condemnation of anything, Our lost innocence will be regained; Only on that innocence we can contain the truth and the god.

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  1. Let's burn those beliefs, scriptures, theories, philosophies, etc. and let's dance around the fire :)