Thursday, December 30, 2010

let us receive the new year with more love and gratitude

Thanks giving

for all the things I experienced

Blessed I am

For the love that happening in my life

For the sensitivity that grows in my heart

For the calmness that silence my mind

For the compassion I feel
For the understanding i seek
For the receptivity that happening

For the meditation I love

For the awareness I grow with

For the simplicity that life giving

For the air I breath

For the food I eat

For the knowing that happens in heart
For the seeing the unknown that mind witnesses

Blessed I am

For each freshness of morning breezes

For each warm activating sunrises

For each silken soothing nights

For each calming moon lights

For the twinkling of stars

For the raining clouds

For the happening of seasons

For the richness of nature

For the hugeness of mountains,

For the vastness of the seas,

For the flow of rivers

For the generosity forest

And all that surrounds me

All that comforts I avail,

All that growth I experience

All that love that guides

All that surrenders that encounters

All that gratitude that transcends

I thank you the divine

The deep power

My journey of this life is

Becoming simpler now

With no grievances, with no grudge

Making this moment of life

More enjoyable, more blessed and free.

Come, the krshnas, the Buddhas, the Jesuss, the Allahs

Let us receive the New Year

With more love, more gratitude,

And let surrender happen everywhere on its own,

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