Saturday, February 20, 2010

God cannot be inferred, we have to live it.

Man is obsessed with reasoning. He judges everything through reasoning. With reasoning, man can touch the periphery only, he cannot penetrate the centre. Reason never penetrates the real core. Arrogance of reasoning has taken man, away from God. Through reason man can at the most ‘know About God’ but not ‘Know God’. The real core is missed. To know ‘About God ’ is not to ‘Know God’. ‘To know about’ is only acquaintance and not knowing. It is borrowed, it is somebody else's. God can be known and lived only through love. He cannot be inferred. He is supra-logical. Man cannot understand him through reason. To know God , one has to be in love. We have to learn the art of love. We need to be a lover, We need to be a singer, We need to be a dancer. God is the center which resides in love. If we love, if we love enough, that love itself becomes the evidence, absolute evidence; even if the whole world says there is no God, it cannot shake the truth. Because God is love.

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  1. I guess that is why each religion has different depiction about God. No depiction could ever infer God. Depiction about God is not God :)

    Ah, thanks for the reminder to love :)