Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Be rejoice, love grows in rejoice and in love we grow with god

Be playful and rejoice. In rejoice grows love and in love, we grow with God. This is the message Krshna says. Love grows in rejoice. The more we rejoice, the more we are able to love and both help each other. The more we love, the more we rejoice and the result: God also takes part in our rejoice. He comes closer and closer and start living with Us. If this is understood, then nothing is left to be understood. Rejoice in love, because love is the door to Krshna. Yes only love is the door to krshna. Love should be playful. It should not be a burden or it should not be serious . Love should be a dance to be danced, a song to be sung. Krshna is very close to us when we are in playfulness. Man is never more playful than when he is in love. In playfulness alone one is as innocent as a child. And when one is innocent, like a child and playful, Krshna is just around the corner ready to play with us. In rejoice love grows and in love we grow with krshna.

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  1. Ah, let us rejoice!

    Hope people can understand this, instead of clinging to religious belief rigidly (which results in over-serious way of life :D)