Saturday, February 13, 2010


Divine is drawn in love and there is no other door to the divine than love. Only love is divine and everything divine is rooted in love. The more we become love; the closer we are to god. And if one can dissolve completely into love, one becomes one with god.

The beauty of love is, it is available free. It seems all that is really valuable in life is available free. Like the air that we breathe. The problem is, man has been going on polluting it and destroying it and thereby the very source of life. Society has been polluting love from the very beginning. They have destroyed the whole energy of it, They have poisoned the very source of love. And the price, world has gone too much into hate and ocean of hatred is everywhere. Now we need thousands of Krshnas, Buddhas, Christs to change the prevailing climate of hatred.

Love has to be reclaimed, because just as the body cannot exist without air, the soul cannot exist without love. Love is needed for soul to survive. But man is moving without soul. He become almost a crowd, with no soul within, with no self within, just a circumference without any centre. This is the misery, the madness. One really does not know who he is. He is not centered. There are many people inside him and everybody claims 'I am you.' Man become split with many faces. And those faces go on changing. In the morning we are one, by the afternoon we are another. We are a constant battleground of these many selves. One self decides one thing; another self immediately cancels it. There is a continuous fight going on. Man remains in a war-field. Man is not centered, man’s centre remains darkened. It starves of love, Love is taken away from it. Unless love arrives, the centre remains darkened. Unless love comes in one is into pieces, there is no possibility of any blissful growth.

A man is said to be in love, when he is centered, when his being is silent. It is the quality of being a no-mind, of being silent. Consciousness is the space. In silent blooms love. Love is the song of silence. A Buddha is love, a Jesus is love .Their love was not with a particular person, but simply they become love. Their very climate is love, spreading in all directions. Whosoever comes close to a Buddha will feel it, will be showered by it . And it is unconditional. Love makes no conditions, no ifs, no buts. Love is like breathing, when it happens one is simply love. It does not matter who comes close to, the sinner or the saint. Whosoever comes close to, starts feeling the vibe of love, is rejoiced. Giving of love happens only when one is capable of giving. Love has to arise in. Love first has to happen in the deepest core of our being. And when it arises in us, it is so much, it is unbearable. Its pleasure is so unbearable. It is heavy like the clouds which are full of rain; they HAVE to shower, they HAVE to rain, they HAVE to unburden themselves.

In love no one goes bankrupt. The more we give, the more we have, because in our silent being we are joined with the oceanic, the divine source of all. And can go on sharing. More and more goes on flowing in us. It goes on welling up.

This is the message of valentine’s day : let love arise, help love to grow. Put everything at the door of love, sacrifice whatsoever is needed to be sacrificed, because nothing is more valuable than love. With love, one is really born. we will need millions of people who are capable of love, unconditionally, without asking anything in return, and who are silent and blissful that wherever they are they will be able to dissipate hatred

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  1. Love you, Siva.

    Love just is.

    Happy Valentine's Day :)